Legal Awards 2022

Jan22686 Nadirah Azad & Salihin was established in Malaysia in 2019 by two founding partners with almost 20 years’ experience in legal practice. Mainly focusing on litigation covering construction law, debt recovery, and criminal law, the firm is passionate about what it does, as proven by the several highprofile clients it currently holds, including Apex Communications Sdn. Bhd., Johawaki Construction Sdn. Bhd., and Gading Group of Companies. It is also proud that its involvement in certain matters have been reported in law journals. Join us as we take a closer look at this outstanding firm. Best Emerging Construction Dispute Resolution Firm - South East Asia The team at Nadirah Azad & Salihin are young, driven and passionate, and they don’t mind going the extra mile to achieve the client’s objective. The firm’s Partner, Muhammad Salihin bin Muhammad Shukri says, “There are not many young lawyers willing to divulge into the dry area of construction law”, so this is a great advantage which contributes hugely to its success so far. The firm’s lawyers know that the most important element of their service is listening to their client’s needs; from there, they dissect the problem and provide solutions in the most cost-effective way. They get to work with numerous clients coming from many different backgrounds, and they are constantly learning from them. Focusing mainly on litigation which covers the broad areas of construction law, debt recovery, and criminal law, the team is also able to learn from one area of law and apply it to another. For example, the matters they learn from construction cases can be applied in their white-collar criminal matters. This has a truly enriching benefit on the work they are able to do. In terms of the team’s location in Malaysia, the judiciary made positive progress with hearings via online platforms during the COVID-19 pandemic. This means that litigants have not been required to be present physically in court. On one hand, the team finds this to be good so the spread of viruses can be prevented, however it is different than they are used to – standing and submitting before the bench physically. Muhammad and his team have found the court process to be much more effective in-person, with him commenting, “It gives you more confidence and it is most vital in this field. Not to mention that through online hearings, there are sometimes audio or video interruptions which could affect the momentum of the litigant.” Now, Nadirah Azad & Salihin is looking towards the future, where in the longrun, it is definitely thinking of expanding. The pandemic made the team realise that expansion is possible for the firm, but it should be done gradually. Due to the nature of the business – where it involves physical appearance in court and meetings – it can’t just go big in this industry without taking into account that perhaps one day another pandemic will strike and business will be halted once again. It needs a contingency plan now more than ever. That is the firm’s focus; it needs to expand without relying on matters that would be affected if there was to be another pandemic. And we at APAC Insider are looking forward to seeing continued success for Nadirah Azad & Salihin. Company: Nadirah Azad & Salihin Contact: Muhammad Salihin bin Muhammad Shukri Email: [email protected] Aug 2228