Legal Awards 2022

May22239 The world of IP is one which is incredibly complex, but vital to supporting new innovations. The team at Welead Attorneys-At-Law, led by Mr. Chou, have been leaders in this industry since 2014. We take a closer look at the firm in the light of their success in APAC Insider’s APAC Legal Awards 2022 Since 2014, the team at Welead Attorneys-AtLaw have been leading the way when it comes to pursuing their clients’ best interests. They have specialised in the negotiation and drafting of agreements for clients in startups and the creative industry, including clients in flm, video games, animation, music and publishing industries. The team’s incredible achievements are built on Mr. Chou’s amazing experience when it comes to intellectual property law, entertainment law, Electronic Commerce, labor and employment, personal data protection, and dispute resolution. He has often been invited to speak about his extensive expertise to audiences including government agencies, universities and enterprises. Having such a detailed understanding of industry practices has given the team a unique advantage over the competition. Whilst Mr Chou’s knowledge of IP law has formed the basis of the business, the continued success of the frm is due in no small part to the expansive nature of the team’s support. As such Welead AttorneysAt-Law is able to provide a comprehensive experience that stands apart from the crowd. This collaborative approach is typical of what Welead Attorneys-At-Law aims for with its clients too. For Mr. Chou, the most rewarding aspect of working in the legal sector is helping customers in the cultural and creative content industry. By leading them to success, he is able to achieve incredible affirmation within himself that has driven him forward for the foreseeable future. Working on these cases requires passion as well as expertise in the industry. With IP standards constantly changing, clients depend on Mr. Chou to offer the accurate solutions that they depend upon. As such, it’s little surprise that Welead Attorneys-At-Lawwill be participating in the licensing exhibition held by TCCE. Whilst focusing on the challenges of IP law primarily, Mr. Chou is able to take a holistic view on much of the work done by him and his team. While the local area is obviously a priority, Welead Attorneys-At-Law is proud to offer a complete service of global brand licensing or entertainment IP licensing, and assist overseas customers to input IP to the local area. IP law is one of the biggest growing areas of the legal sector, and Mr. Chou and his team have positioned themselves at the forefront of it. With such remarkable potential ahead for this talented team, it’s little wonder that they have been able to achieve such success. We cannot wait to see what this intrepid group of individuals do next! Company: Welead AttorneysAt-Law Name: Yi-Pin Chou Email: [email protected] Web Address: https://www. Leading IP & Entertainment Law Services - Taipei City Aug 11