CEO of the Year Awards 2022

8 APAC / CEO of the Year Awards 2022 , Devoted to helping farmers, farming families, and farming communities to thrive in an evermore challenging world, Aussie Helpers provides necessary aid for struggling people in rural areas. In helping them to survive tough times, it ensures that they can thrive when times are good, and it takes great pride in seeing the people in helps to flourish of their own accord once they no longer need such assistance. Having found its feet in 2002, Aussie Helpers has been invigorated and emboldened by a goal of helping as many people as it can, with as much effectiveness as it can, ensuring that each person it reaches out to is thoroughly supported throughout drought, fires, floods, and hardship. Being a non-profit, its steadfast dedication to the people who live on the land is the foundation of its business, with the core pillars of financial assistance, counselling, educational assistance, livestock feed, and the provision of essentials making up the services it A charity that is funded totally by donations, fundraisers, and corporate sponsors, Aussie Helpers is a prominent non-profit that has made a name for itself without governmental support of any kind. Since its inception, it has dedicated itself and its funds to helping the rural communities of Australia to cope with the profound challenges that are thrown their way on a daily basis, helping them to cope with the aftermath of natural disasters. Having been taken over by the daughter of the founders, Natasha Kocks, Aussie Helpers remains as dedicated to its cause as ever, and is raring to go to keep providing is social, financial, and business support to those who need it most. offers. In short, it wishes to keep farmers on their land, and sees it as the duty of the nation that relies on said farmers to help them so do. Nominally, its efforts have been completely invaluable to a great many rural communities since the turn of the century, with its fuel, grocery, and medical provision making the difference between sinking and swimming for some of the hardest hit families of the harsh climate they live with. Led by Natasha Kocks, an exemplary mind in her industry and deeply tenacious leader, Aussie Helpers has benefitted from the new perspective she has brought to her role. Before taking on the job, she worked in the Beauty Industry, gaining an in-depth understanding of customer service and what makes people tick, making her a natural fit for the people-focused world of non-profit organisation. Furthermore, Aussie Helpers was her parents company, meaning that she grew up with it, and has seen the myriad changes and alterations that the organisation has gone through in order to keep itself at its most helpful for contemporary farming communities and their needs. Prior to her father passing away in 2020, she was asked by the Board if she would be interested in taking on the role of CEO. Initially, she was reluctant – after all, this was her parents’ baby, and there was immense pressure on her to keep it a success – but she eventually took on the challenge in 2019 and began to make waves within the role as soon as she had taken it on, implementing beneficial changes and giving the charity a more modern Apr22201 Agriculture Charity CEO of the Year 2022: Natasha Kocks MAICD