CEO of the Year Awards 2022

CEO of the Year Awards 2022

2 APAC / CEO of the Year Awards 2022 Welcome to the APAC CEO of the Year Awards 2022. At the centre of every successful business is a CEO committed to pushing it forward and making it better; a task that cannot be taken on lightly in today’s competitive economic climate. This is particularly true for the Asia Pacific region of the world. Playing host to more than one third of the world’s largest businesses, the APAC region is a competitive and diverse corporate landscape. This means the demand for business leaders who are willing to take risks and demonstrate innovative thinking is currently at an all-time high. To celebrate those at the helm of industry in this area, APAC insider is proud and excited to announce the first ever APAC CEO of the Year Awards. These awards were designed with the intention to shine a light on those who possess the ability to take a business to the next level, thanks to their commitment to promoting business of the Year, determination, and innovative approaches. Sif Brookes, Editor Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility. Editorial Team Sif Brookes, Senior Editor | Sofi Bajor, Editor Rebecca Scotland, Writer | Daniel Long, Writer Gabriel Muers, Writer | Ashley-Francis Cox, Writer Design Team Daniela Levinte, Graphic Designer Lauren Baldwin, Junior Graphic Designer

APAC / CEO of the Year Awards 2022 3 , 4. POWER 4 ALL: Most Innovative Utilities CEO 2022 (Philippines): Angelo Valenton 6. Virtue Maritime Services: Best Maritime Services CEO 2022: Jomel Paradero 8. Aussie Helpers: Agriculture Charity CEO of the Year 2022: Natasha Kocks MAICD 10. Vets Central: Animal Health CEO of the Year (Australia): Keith Nicholls 11. 724Care: Best Face-To-Face Outbound Call Centre CEO (Central Visayas): Amy Barcenas - Boutvine 12. InnovationClub: Enviro-Tech CEO of the Year 2022: Jackson Sobb 13. Lime & Coconut Cafe: Casual Dining CEO of the Year (Australia): Kirsty Camilleri & Business Leader Resilience Excellence Award 2022 14. Manila Washers Speed Laundry Inc: Laundry Management CEO of the Year (Philippines): Mirasol Lescano 15. Southernmost Real Estate Mngt. Corp: Best Real Estate Development CEO (Philippines): Jose Merlo Castro Jnr Contents

4 APAC / CEO of the Year Awards 2022 , There are a billion people in the world who don’t have access to electricity and clean water, essentials to economic growth, poverty reduction, and wellbeing. POWER 4 ALL aims to provide access to simple yet cutting edge solutions to clean power and clean water among at-risk communities. It is an organisation that aspires to be a trusted and leading partner in business and community building through reliable and innovative technologies, programmes, products and services, and a team that is determined to succeed. POWER 4 ALL’s solutions have been commissioned by respected global organisations including the United Nations, UNICEF, World Wildlife Fund, World Vision and IOM to support impactful and sustainable initiatives geared towards business continuity, climate and environment care, humanitarian response, poverty alleviation, and community development. POWER 4 ALL provides much-needed access to clean power and cleanwater through simple yet cutting-edge solutions through the design, engineering, supply and distribution, construction, and commissioning of inventive and field-tested technologies. The organisationwas founded by CEO, Angelo Valenton in 2016, and thanks to his leadership, it has gone from strength to strength. Join us as we learnmore about his work. Most Innovative Utilities CEO 2022 (Philippines): Angelo Valenton Angelo Valenton says, “Purpose is at the heart of our work. Applying exciting new technologies and unusual thinking to impact underserviced communities where common solutions fail is an amazing place to be in. Here we constantly push ourselves to do things never done before.” POWER 4 ALL has completed numerous life-changing projects over the years including the electrification of schools, livelihood centres and rural health clinics located off-the-grid, plug-and-play power supplies for humanitarian action towards victims of natural calamities (earthquakes and typhoons), decentralized solar kits for indigenous peoples, d-i-y microgrids, paygo solar home systems for unelectrified communities, potable water re-use facilities to augment clean water supply, modular and mobile water treatment plants capable of treating any water source at any location under any condition. Based in Manila, Philippines, the company had also provided solutions to support the projects and programmes of local government agencies such as the Department of Education, leading energy providers; Meralco, First Gen, Energy Development Corporation, the largest private water concessionaires Maynilad Water Services and Manila Water, and a growing list of non-government organizations and foundations. The team at POWER 4 ALL is truly devoted to doing all they can to improve the lives of underserviced populations as it pursues ways to provide equal access to power and clean water which are primary enablers for health, security, education and Mar22613

APAC / CEO of the Year Awards 2022 5 Most Innovative Utilities CEO 2022 (Philippines): Angelo Valenton livelihood and to make sure they can all live the best quality of life possible. All under the vision and leadership of an outstanding CEO. Staff at POWER 4 ALL had these to say; “Working for POWER 4 ALL has been a really great experience. You get to work with very talented people who are all just as passionate about the company’s mission as you are. The work environment is also very open and collaborative.” “Working with POWER 4 ALL for many years now is a privilege. I still remember during my first day when my superior told me ‘consider this as your company’. We work to be recognised not just for good service, but service with a heart, not just for the employees, but for every client and customer as well.” “At POWER 4 ALL I get to experience working with a dynamic team of different professions and do things that really enhance my knowledge in my profession. We do projects that would contribute to the improvement of livelihood in different areas of the country which really is a great motivation for us.” “This is an organisation that gives the power of life, especially for people outside urban areas where electricity and clean water are problematic. This is a company with integrity and love for its business partners, clients and employees.” “I am humbly honoured to get to work with a helpful team, passionate leaders, and an encouraging working environment,” being supported to “think out of the box, nurture skills, and make dreams a reality”. Indeed, Angelo Valenton is a driven and altruistic CEO who draws inspiration from the success of others and in providing the most compelling and uplifting solutions for those who need them most. Professionals outside of POWER 4 ALL have described him as “a unique blend of smartness, logical thinking, humility, and practical approach”, being “one of the most successful providers of solar products in Asia”, thanks to “his experience in handling consumer-oriented businesses and managing client expectations”. Another individual recognises Angelo as “both a dynamic entrepreneur and a very capable manager, with a solid marketing foundation”. They went on to say, “He is quick to see opportunities, yet very systematic in his professional approach to the market. It’s a pleasure to work with Angelo, both under a professional view, as he is able to come up with a solid strategy and a well thought marketing plan, and on a personal level due to his friendly and pleasant character.” Overall, it is easy to how Angelo Valenton has achieved such success within the APAC CEO of the Year Awards 2022, and there is certainly no stopping him as he continues to lead his team towards changing the world for the better. We are certainly rooting for his and POWER 4 ALL’s success to carry on into the future. Company: POWER 4 ALL Contact: Angelo Valenton Email: [email protected] Website:

6 APAC / CEO of the Year Awards 2022 , With a business entirely built on the primary core value of being 100% aligned with and driven by the needs of its clients, Virtue Maritime Services Corp possesses a vision to attract, develop and retrain a crew that goes about and beyond industry standards – exceeding quality in everything they do. At VMSC, the primary goal of the organisation is to develop a home-trained crew that radiates quality and is fully compliant with standards set in accordance with STCW 2010 and the vessel’s Flag State. Essentially, this is done by re-designing crews to ensure they suit the basic needs required to excel, such as educational standards, good seamanship, environmental safety, ship’s security and economic viability. “We are committed to providing well trained competent crew and high-quality ship management services to achieve safety of the vessels, people on board and ashore and cargo, and environmental protection. In addition to this, we have our own training centre that helps assess the capacity of every candidate in all ranks with no human intervention. We also cooperate with maritime schools in the Philippines to train excellent young seafarers by providing financial support and Established with the aim to provide consistently excellent service to seafarers and founded with the principle core to sail with resiliency and endurance, VirtueMaritime Services Corp ensures its crewwill be given integrity, honesty and fair growth, all while serving with dedication and commitment 100%of the time. Jomel Paradero, successful and wellestablished CEO of VMSC, has been honoured with the Best Maritime Services award and showcases the offerings of his leadership and its effects on the company in the article below. Best Maritime Services CEO 2022: Jomel Paradero later joining our fleet of vessels,” explains Jomel Paradero, CEO. Having graduated from the premier maritime institution in the country, the Philippine Merchant Marine Academy (PMMA), Jomel has been able to utilise the skills and industry expertise gained from the academy and continues to showcase the efforts and intellect of the school and its 202 years of maritime excellence that directly related to producing marine, naval and coast guard officers for shipboard and shorebased positions. Because of this, the academy, Jomel’s one of a kind and unmatched experience and his drive for success at VMSC ensure that all officers will be given honest and thorough training to provide the best service, knowledge, and skills to others. Expanding on his leadership efforts, Jomel adds, “I always make certain that my worth outsized the institution’s reputation I belonged to, while circumscribed within the due bounds of righteousness, humility and courage. In that way, you can assure that you’re not only taking credit for its prestige but also kindled honour to its former glory.” Initially established under the name Seabreeze Crewing Manila Inc, VMSC was officially obtained juridical personality on December 27th, 2005. By January 1st, 2006, VMSC began its first official search for crew members Mar22561

APAC / CEO of the Year Awards 2022 7 Best Maritime Services CEO 2022: Jomel Paradero in San Juan City. Since then, VMSC has grown immensely and, with the guide of Jomel, has been able to flourish alongside its trained crew members. Because of the increasing number of youthful professionals who are equipped and dedicated to the founding principles of high-quality maritime training, Seabreeze changed its name to Virtue Maritime Services Corp (VMSC), a proudful organisation that is committed to excellence and has been rewarded with the reputation of being the preferred home of the finest Filipino seafarers employed around the world. The team at VMSC guarantees exceptional service and ensures that its members have the skills, capacity and capability to provide and develop specialised seafarers to coordinate any and all crewing needs for any Merchant fleet or Offshore vessels. Now, with over ten years of experience in this field, VMSC has been able to partner with more than 30 clients and principals worldwide – a tremendous accomplishment for its fascinating efforts, all in due part to its experienced maritime officers who have not only excelled significantly in their own maritime field but have undeniably contributed to the success of most notable manning agencies in Manila. Because of these individuals and the leadership of Jomel, VMSC has been able to pioneer additional manning agencies in crew selection criteria, training programs and the deployment process. As a result, overall, the organisation can and will produce the most disciplined and highquality crew of modern times. Due to its reputation in the industry, a significant number of youthful professionals have been recruited. Thus, it can increase the selection of well-trained cadets continually and consistently from several prestigious maritime schools across the world. Now, VMSC, because of its successful and ever-growing stance in the maritime training sector, VMSC has been able to provide an integrated crew that collective has a variety of experiences due to its direct inter-active training and therefore develops a multi-experience of the qualified crew to provide skilled and invaluable individuals to clients all while exceeding its own personal standards. At VMSC, the organisation is sailing towards a better future by providing a proactive program, stable manageable and assured welfare. With its leadership, individuals will be thoroughly trained and educated to ensure excellence is guaranteed for whatever maritime needs. Under the guidance and leadership of award winner Best Maritime Services CEO, Jomel, VMSC will undoubtedly thrive and take with its all its students. Company Name: Virtue Maritime Services Contact Name: Ce Jomel Paradero Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected]

8 APAC / CEO of the Year Awards 2022 , Devoted to helping farmers, farming families, and farming communities to thrive in an evermore challenging world, Aussie Helpers provides necessary aid for struggling people in rural areas. In helping them to survive tough times, it ensures that they can thrive when times are good, and it takes great pride in seeing the people in helps to flourish of their own accord once they no longer need such assistance. Having found its feet in 2002, Aussie Helpers has been invigorated and emboldened by a goal of helping as many people as it can, with as much effectiveness as it can, ensuring that each person it reaches out to is thoroughly supported throughout drought, fires, floods, and hardship. Being a non-profit, its steadfast dedication to the people who live on the land is the foundation of its business, with the core pillars of financial assistance, counselling, educational assistance, livestock feed, and the provision of essentials making up the services it A charity that is funded totally by donations, fundraisers, and corporate sponsors, Aussie Helpers is a prominent non-profit that has made a name for itself without governmental support of any kind. Since its inception, it has dedicated itself and its funds to helping the rural communities of Australia to cope with the profound challenges that are thrown their way on a daily basis, helping them to cope with the aftermath of natural disasters. Having been taken over by the daughter of the founders, Natasha Kocks, Aussie Helpers remains as dedicated to its cause as ever, and is raring to go to keep providing is social, financial, and business support to those who need it most. offers. In short, it wishes to keep farmers on their land, and sees it as the duty of the nation that relies on said farmers to help them so do. Nominally, its efforts have been completely invaluable to a great many rural communities since the turn of the century, with its fuel, grocery, and medical provision making the difference between sinking and swimming for some of the hardest hit families of the harsh climate they live with. Led by Natasha Kocks, an exemplary mind in her industry and deeply tenacious leader, Aussie Helpers has benefitted from the new perspective she has brought to her role. Before taking on the job, she worked in the Beauty Industry, gaining an in-depth understanding of customer service and what makes people tick, making her a natural fit for the people-focused world of non-profit organisation. Furthermore, Aussie Helpers was her parents company, meaning that she grew up with it, and has seen the myriad changes and alterations that the organisation has gone through in order to keep itself at its most helpful for contemporary farming communities and their needs. Prior to her father passing away in 2020, she was asked by the Board if she would be interested in taking on the role of CEO. Initially, she was reluctant – after all, this was her parents’ baby, and there was immense pressure on her to keep it a success – but she eventually took on the challenge in 2019 and began to make waves within the role as soon as she had taken it on, implementing beneficial changes and giving the charity a more modern Apr22201 Agriculture Charity CEO of the Year 2022: Natasha Kocks MAICD

APAC / CEO of the Year Awards 2022 9 Agriculture Charity CEO of the Year 2022: Natasha Kocks MAICD vision. Having found the nonprofit sector and charity work massively rewarding, Natasha hasn’t looked back since. Nowadays, she and her team take a collaborative approach to their work, supporting and looking out for one another at every turn in order to ensure everyone is working at their fullest capacity, as Natasha knows first hand just how taxing both mentally and physically such a role can be. By keeping her people organised, well rested, and mentally recharged, she carries out regular check-ins with her staff in order to make sure they feel like they are in a safe space to continue their work. If not, she will help them get the time they need to recover accordingly. Moreover, the team she has gathered around her is one she is massively proud of, as each of them treat each other with the same level of grace and understanding as they treat the people they help, well-equipped both in the physical sense and in emotional intelligence to help those impacted by disasters. With weekly meetings, training, upskilling, and more, her team works all across Queensland and New South Wales. By not sticking to just the one office, she shows both massive trust in her team – trust that they repay by doing some of the best work heretofore seen in non-profit efforts – and is able to reach more people that need the services Aussie Helpers can offer. With honesty, transparency, and diligence forming the beating heart of Aussie Helpers and its team, it is no wonder that it has become such a household name in the nation. Additionally, it approaches each farmer on an individual basis, checking in with them and always putting their best foot forward when it comes to that first critical interaction, knowing full well it doesn’t have the one solution that will fix everything, but that it has some solutions that will help. In this manner, it promises only what it can give, reaching out to those in need with a gentle, sensitive, yet practical attitude that its service users can appreciate the forthrightness of. Thus, it focuses on what it can do for each individual farmer. This can be anything from helping with the provision of fodder and feed, aid with outstanding bills that they have no way of paying, help with destroyed fencing and buildings, or just a friendly chat and some much-needed counselling to help them work through the emotional fallout of going through a disaster. At Aussie Helpers, its biggest goal is to share the load; this means that in whatever way the farmer needs, Natasha and her team will be the friends that help them work through the stress and fallout of a natural disaster or incident, ensuring they can see the path to recovery. Helping them through the good, the bad, and the ugly, Aussie Helpers has always taken the attitude that no issue is too big or too small. If it is a problem facing a rural community that it can assist with, it will be there in a heartbeat to give that critical support, something which has become especially important with the Australian agriculture market in the midst of such a profound shift in line with new natural risks. Throughout, Aussie Helpers promises that it will remain a steadfast, supportive pillar to its service users, with Natasha leading the charity with an ironclad dedication that has helped the charity meet its second decade in operation. Looking forward to many more years of hard work, empathy, and effective work, Natasha hopes to keep growing as a CEO alongside the continued development of the charity, hoping to help as many people as possible before the charity’s reigns must be passed on once more. Company: Aussie Helpers Contact: Natasha Kocks MAICD Website:

10 APAC / CEO of the Year Awards 2022 , Animal Health CEO of the Year (Australia): Keith Nicholls Aiming to become Australia’s number one veterinary provider, Vets Central is establishing itself as amajor force within the Australian veterinarymarket by acquiring veterinary clinics with a ‘non corporate’ approach – achieving this by respecting legacy, autonomy, existing branding and processes with support from their national Support Office. Industry firsts include providing equity to veterinarians and providing vendors with a fair earn-out process. Vets Central – a national veterinary practice consolidator focused on providing exemplary support, mentoring, training, and equipment services to Australian veterinary professionals. A business model that operates with diligence, empathy, and dedication in order to provide a uniquely engaging model. Putting their veterinary teams at the forefront – every decision made is a vet-centric decision. Thus, it has developed a reputation for being a people-first business above all else, with co-founder and CEO Keith Nicholls having achieved this through his extensive industry experience at the foundation and core of the business. Keith, having identified that the industry often forgets the importance of associate veterinarians during a sale process, chose to provide equity to these veterinarians as part of his business model. In addition, through Keith’s experience in working across a multitude of consolidation businesses, including within the veterinary industry, recognised that a better and fairer ‘earn-out’ process for vendors was needed without any ‘marking-up to mark-down’ style payment arrangements. These industry firsts have already seen his business grow significantly in a short period of time. Fundamentally, Vets Central works with an in-depth respect of legacy, autonomy, existing branding, and existing processes, making itself an invaluable partner to the veterinarians it works with. Vet Central’s well-trained veterinary teams provide a high level of care through its clinic network, also showing graduates how to follow in the steps of some of the industry’s most leading experts. Veterinarians have access to the best training, education, and development available, enabling the business to quickly establish itself as becoming Australia’s leading veterinary partner. Additionally, the co-founder’s own experience within health group consolidation has ensured that Vets Central is supported by the greatest depth and breadth of knowledge across the board, earning himself a reputation as an innovative and results-driven leader; achieving exceptional results in high-pressure and highly competitive environments. His outstanding tenacity, business foresight, financial and relationship skills has secured Vets Central pre-eminence in the Australian veterinary industry. Keith is proud to say that he and his team remain undaunted by challenge. Keith is always looking for ways in which he can continue to grow, improve, and develop the business and empower his team. Company: Vets Central Contact: Keith Nicholls Website: Mar22152

APAC / CEO of the Year Awards 2022 11 , Mar22559 Best Face-To-Face Outbound Call Centre CEO (Central Visayas): Amy Barcenas - Boutvine Based in the Philippines, 724Care was launched in 2006 with the aim to provide services established as a call centre offering appointment settings, lead generation, market research/surveys and voice accounts. Initially starting with only three people, 724Care has grown into an incredible business, all due to the well-established leadership of CEO Amy Barcenas, who has been recently regarded as the Best Face to Face Outbound Call Centre CEO in Central Visayas, Boutvine. Renowned for its outstanding efforts within the communications industry, 724Care is regarded for its reputable service offerings as an outbound call centre. However, while the business can provide traditional communications offerings, they have come across several clients who are leaning towards the modern technological world and have requested a virtual assistant with specific skills sets such as someone having an accounting/bookkeeping background, an HR specialist or one that can write emails and work with spreadsheets and can make presentations, just to name a few. Explaining on the company’s stance regarding the rise of modernity in the workplace and the communications industry, CEO Amy Barcenas adds, “Because of this, we have now expanded as a BPO company who also provides back-end processes and everything else.” In addition to its incredible offerings, 724Care consistently differentiates itself from its competitors and others within the sector. It does so by having a stable, consistent and supportive relationship with its members. “There is no secret technique; we treat our employees as partners, so they tend to stay with us. We pay them well, and we give them benefits. The common pain of business owners in the US is the hiring and training, and if one resigns, they have to do it all over again,” explains Amy. Essentially, 724Care aims to help small to medium-sized businesses expand, grow, thrive, and flourish, even in difficult times like the recession and pandemic, by providing them with high-quality appointments, a constant stream of sales, and highly skilled employees virtual assistants. Amy adds, explaining, “Our unique selling point is a competitive price without jeopardizing quality. Our goal is to be a world calls call centre providing high-quality service at a fraction of the cost in the US, Canada and Australia.” As one of the company’s founders, Amy started her imperative role by beginning as the first agent of the business. Expanding on her initial journey, Amy states, “When we first started, I was calling as an appointment setter for Canon Copier. Later on, we were able to close more clients in the mortgage industry, insurance, etc. So, as we grew, I trained people within the company as I moved between departments from Hiring and Recruitment, Operations, Business Development until we grew and became an organization with 300 plus employees.” This showcases the natural leading abilities that Amy processes and her drive, commitment and dedication to her company by following through from the very beginning and rising to her rightful earned position as CEO. Additionally, but taking the personal time to train and help her own members understand their positions, Amy has nurtured a new generation of impressive and imperative members who are individually unique and experienced in their own right. Amy adds, “I use the old-style approach, which is a carrot and stick, regarding her leadership abilities. However, I made a modified version of it. I believe in setting up the process and following it through. While I get mad when people tend to take a shortcut, I continuously talk to my employees, and they will understand the importance at the end of the day. In my organization, we incentivize and give big awards that sometimes, just by itself, you do not even need a stick anymore.” Concerning the company’s future, Amy is planning to open a second facility as the current one is nearly at its maximum capacity. This year, 724Care is planning to expand fully and add another 150 within 2022 alone. Closing the article with her final thoughts, Amy adds, “724Care has been my baby, and I started this company from a small, threebedroom apartment. This is my career and my life. With that being said, I will dedicate the rest of my working years to the company and grow it to become a world-class Call Centre within the Philippines.” With her most recent recognition as the Best Face-To-Face Outbound Call Centre CEO, Amy is pushing the boundaries and creating technologically needed advances for the communications industry, leading the sector one successful year at a time. Company Name: 724Care Contact Name: Amy Barcenas Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected] 724Care

12 APAC / CEO of the Year Awards 2022 , With sustainability and ecological waste disposal technologies having become an industry in and of itself over time, InnovationClub is a purpose-driven start-up that has made a bold play to be the leader of the pack. Innovating, developing, and improving amyriad of solutions that aims to eradicate plastic waste, Jackson Sobb and his teamhave made themselves critical partners to clients across a range of industry verticals, something he forecasts will only continue to grow as InnovationClubmoves into the future. With a commitment to solving the global plastic pollution crisis, InnovationClub is an Australian enviro-tech company with a difference. Nominally, it has been deep in research regarding the impacts of different types of plastics and their impact on the environment, eventually reaching a partnership with the University of Newcastle to further this work. In conjunction with the Global Innovative Centre for Advanced Nanomaterials – or GICAN – this company’s efforts include a strategy that seeks to create a circular economy model that will serve Australia’s emerging sustainable future. InnovationClub wishes to be one of the cornerstone companies that direct the shape of this future, keeping the spotlight on the pioneering of different products and manufacturing solutions that reduce plastic consumption and decrease waste as a result. Being globally aware, does not detract from their commitment to being Australianmade and locally minded. They are singularly focused on developing and utilising leading technology that creates organic compostable packaging alternatives using Australian farmer’s agricultural waste as their prime raw material. That is, creating value from waste that will eliminate waste later when the product is consumed. A true circular solution. Critically, each of these processes and the diligence with which they have been set up can be traced back to InnovationClub’s co-founder and CEO Jackson Sobb. With a career specialising in hospitality, he has extensive experience at the user end of the supply chain and the difficulties they face in disposing waste sustainably. These insights combined with the different industry experiences from the team he has assembled are the driving force behind the innovation and drive, so that they can strive to achieve their singular purpose. He recognises that he does not have all the answers and that true problem-solving comes from a broad church of purpose driven individuals, who each have a different perspective. Thus, ingenuity and experience are combined – and the wider landscape of sustainable solutions – benefits accordingly. Jackson’s transparent and dedicated team has allowed his company to grow by adding value to the industry and those working closely with it. Company: InnovationClub Contact: Jackson Sobb Website: Enviro-Tech CEO of the Year 2022: Jackson Sobb

APAC / CEO of the Year Awards 2022 13 , Mar22358 The small boutique Lime & Coconut Cafe resides in an early 1800s building in the historic town of Windsor and prides itself on specialising in dietary-specific meals. Whether you are a coeliac, dairy intolerant, or allergic to nuts, Lime & Coconut has something for you to enjoy. Its staff are knowledgeable and trained, and value the diligence it takes to keep people safe fromharmwhen dining out for ameal. Lime & Coconut’s CEO, Kirsty Camilleri is an ambitious and passionate serial entrepreneur who has achieved extraordinary success for her leadership and resilience within the APAC CEO of the Year Awards 2022 – so we got in touchwith her to find out how she has got to where she is today. Kirsty Camilleri has built her career from the ground up, working her way through businesses, from a receptionist to an NSW sales manager, and everything in between. But there is nothing quite like managing her little cafe. She tells us, “Managing this little cafe is by far my most honourable job. To be able to make people happy and comfortable is something I have always tried to do in every job. You must build trust and be trustworthy to run a successful business.” Lime & Coconut welcomes guests who inevitably leave as friends, having delighted in the best coffee in town and clean, delicious food that is locally sourced and caters for all dietary requirements. The cafe’s refreshing beverages compliment each meal, and they are all served within a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Its long-standing building still has much of its original charm, enhanced with some old-school pickings, a lick of paint, and a window full of greenery. Its customers certainly praise it, shown through a 4.9 out of 5-star rating on the cafe’s Facebook page. One customer describes its team as “the best”, with the food being “second to none”, while another says that the café serves “the best gluten-free breaky roll ever”. A third customer appreciates the way “the team really get to know to you”. However, as successful and popular as Lime & Coconut is, that isn’t to say that it hasn’t faced its challenges. Kirsty tells us, “It’s hard to have a successful business in the hospitality industry as most young people don’t see a career in it. And I do think the natural disasters have really been a challenge in the last three years. The Hawkesbury region, where we are, has been through four floods, bushfires, two covid lockdowns. Personally, my head chef has been off for over two months with open heart surgery at the age of 29, and I have had serious personal loss in the last 12 months. There have been many challenges, but this has allowed us to streamline the way we work. As long as we stay grateful for what we have, we’ll be ok” Indeed, things haven’t been easy for Kirsty and Lime & Coconut – or for the hospitality industry, which is suffering, having been massively impacted by the covid lockdowns, as well as the lack of qualified staff and individuals with motivation to work in the industry due to it being so customer-focused. Kirsty observes, “Younger people seem to struggle these days to hold a conversation and take on board advice without taking office. With the cost of wages and goods constantly increasing, it is becoming harder and harder to make a profit.” Undeniably, Kirsty shows true resilience, not letting any challenge stand in her way. She says, “No matter how hard business is, you have to try. You will make mistakes but they are only lessons to help you on your path. Just be true to yourself and remember why you do what you do.” Kirsty continues to lead with strength and train her staff, while always looking for new and innovative ideas to stay ahead of competitors. She believes that teamwork is key when undertaking new projects, and she is always working with the local community to make sure the outcome is exactly what is needed. And Lime & Coconut is not her only business venture, being the owner of two other businesses, Magick Numbers Bookkeeping which provides bookkeeping services to SMEs, and Hawkesbury Business Hub, a shared workspace in the heart of Windsor. Kirsty has taken a small step back from the cafe to work on these other businesses, but at the same time, she wants to grow the cafe and continues to be thankful for the support of the community. Company: Lime & Coconut Cafe Contact: Kirsty Camilleri Email: kirsty@ Website: Casual Dining CEO of the Year (Australia): Kirsty Camilleri & Business Leader Resilience Excellence Award 2022 Lime & Coconut Cafe

14 APAC / CEO of the Year Awards 2022 , Mirasol Lescano is the enthusiastic and committed CEO and business manager at Manila Washers Speed Laundry Inc., a leading laundromat based in the Philippines. The company boasts a range of services, including a self-serve option that promises completion in under an hour and a half. Nestled in the bustling city of Pasig, Philippines, is a luxury clothes washing service. Indeed, Manila Washers Speed Laundry Inc. has been in operation since 2015, and has been supplying excellence ever since. The company utilises the trusted and globally renowned Maytag brand for its washers and dryers, ensuring that its customers clothes leave every wash clean and fresh. Moreover, such products bolster the company’s focus on sustainability, as Maytag is a worldwide leader in producing long-lasting energy and water efficient laundry products. Manila Washers Speed Laundry Inc. is open every day from 6AM to 6PM and provides an abundance of services. Its primary offering is self-service, in which it specialises in the traditional method of ‘coin laundry’, an area of the market that, according to the Coin Laundry Association, has grown steadily over the past 70 years. Manila Washers Speed Laundry Inc. takes pride in the fact that such services can be completed in an hour. On top of this, the company offers a personal wash and fold and business wash and fold service – both of which can be booked via the link in the company’s Instagram biography. The company’s Instagram page, manilawashersph, is an accessible place that invites customers to remain up to date with the company’s seasonal opening and closing times and any potential closures. Furthermore, it is here that Manila Washers Speed Laundry Inc. offers a multitude of clothes washing tips and tricks – for example, it states that when white clothes start turning yellow or grey, it could be because the washing machine’s temperature is too low, or that the machine is being overloaded. Such excellence stems from the company’s CEO and business manager, Mirasol Lescano. With a wealth of experience supporting her position, including knowledge surrounding brand management and customer service, Lescano covers numerous aspects of the daily running of the business. Upon maintaining a high standard of customer service, Lescano creates and enacts the business strategy, recruits and trains new members of the team, and maintains the finances. Her devotion to the business is inspiring and is sure to not only inspire confidence in the customers, but also push the team to work harder in order to accomplish similar success. In the Philippines, the laundry industry is experiencing a period of recovery after the negative impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. In 2019, Statista estimates that laundry services in the Philippines grossed 71.53 million USD, however, in 2020, this fell to 41.25 million USD. This rapid decline can be attributed to the numerous closures and restrictions that took place at the height of the crisis. There is hope for the industry, as in 2021, the industry garnered an estimated 47.51 million USD. Further, the future looks bright, as in 2024, Statista estimates that the revenue of laundry services in the Philippines will amount to approximately 88.2 million USD. Contact: Mirasol Lescano Company: Manila Washers Speed Laundry Inc. Web Address: manilawashersph Laundry Management CEO of the Year (Philippines): Mirasol Lescano

APAC / CEO of the Year Awards 2022 15 , Led by exemplarymind in his field JoseMerlo Castro Junior, Southernmost Real Estate Management is a company that has made a name for itself with its exemplary ability to resolve real estate problems. Nominally, its efforts have been focused on aiding client issues from conflict resolution to property partition, working with tenacity, diligence, and an industryleading dedication to its clients’ continued success, always striving to help themachieve the best outcome. Experts in conflict resolution, recovery of possession, settlement of estate, and property partition, Southernmost Real Estate Management has gained notoriety as a client-focused real estate firm with a difference. Additionally, it can help a client to scout for properties that would perfectly fit their needs, drawing out the specifications and requirements of each customer in order to deliver them a truly tailored experience that sets them apart from their peers. This has made Southernmost Real Estate Management a household name in its industry, one that has become renowned for maximising potential value, becoming a one-stop-shop for any comments, queries, or concerns that a client might have regarding the industry. Being a client’s ‘total real estate solutions partner’, it takes its role incredibly seriously, continuously striving to go above and beyond expectations to deliver the best results. This has all been made possible through the dedication and diligence of its founder – Jose Merlo Castro Junior – a graduate of political science with a Bachelor of Law who has worked Best Real Estate Development CEO (Philippines): Jose Merlo Castro Jnr for many years to become a frontrunning real estate developer. With this deep dedication to client, industry, and education in mind, it is easy to see how he has become such a linchpin professional, using Southernmost Real Estate Management to spearhead the sector as it moves towards the future. Enrolling in the Continuing Professional Program for Real Estate Management, he become a licensed broker in 2011, acquiring the title of Land Management Officer soon thereafter. After 11 years of experience, he assembled the team and launched Southernmost Real Estate Management in 2018; with all this previous experience and acumen behind him, he was able to hit the ground running and see immediate growth to the tune of over 800 clients, and a gross traction of almost a billion peso. Additionally, despite the industry’s current challenges and paradigm shifts, Jose is confident that Southernmost Real Estate Management is in the right position to continue this expansion. With the Covid-19 pandemic having shifted the real estate market’s priorities somewhat, he has worked hard to ensure his company has been able to adapt, using his resultsoriented management style to keep his team’s eyes on the prize and push to become even more of a player in real estate, aiming to enter the field of Real Estate Investment Trust. Company: Southernmost Real Estate Mngt. Corp. Contact: Jose Merlo Castro Jnr Website: https://www. Mar22221

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