CEO of the Year Awards 2022

APAC / CEO of the Year Awards 2022 7 Best Maritime Services CEO 2022: Jomel Paradero in San Juan City. Since then, VMSC has grown immensely and, with the guide of Jomel, has been able to flourish alongside its trained crew members. Because of the increasing number of youthful professionals who are equipped and dedicated to the founding principles of high-quality maritime training, Seabreeze changed its name to Virtue Maritime Services Corp (VMSC), a proudful organisation that is committed to excellence and has been rewarded with the reputation of being the preferred home of the finest Filipino seafarers employed around the world. The team at VMSC guarantees exceptional service and ensures that its members have the skills, capacity and capability to provide and develop specialised seafarers to coordinate any and all crewing needs for any Merchant fleet or Offshore vessels. Now, with over ten years of experience in this field, VMSC has been able to partner with more than 30 clients and principals worldwide – a tremendous accomplishment for its fascinating efforts, all in due part to its experienced maritime officers who have not only excelled significantly in their own maritime field but have undeniably contributed to the success of most notable manning agencies in Manila. Because of these individuals and the leadership of Jomel, VMSC has been able to pioneer additional manning agencies in crew selection criteria, training programs and the deployment process. As a result, overall, the organisation can and will produce the most disciplined and highquality crew of modern times. Due to its reputation in the industry, a significant number of youthful professionals have been recruited. Thus, it can increase the selection of well-trained cadets continually and consistently from several prestigious maritime schools across the world. Now, VMSC, because of its successful and ever-growing stance in the maritime training sector, VMSC has been able to provide an integrated crew that collective has a variety of experiences due to its direct inter-active training and therefore develops a multi-experience of the qualified crew to provide skilled and invaluable individuals to clients all while exceeding its own personal standards. At VMSC, the organisation is sailing towards a better future by providing a proactive program, stable manageable and assured welfare. With its leadership, individuals will be thoroughly trained and educated to ensure excellence is guaranteed for whatever maritime needs. Under the guidance and leadership of award winner Best Maritime Services CEO, Jomel, VMSC will undoubtedly thrive and take with its all its students. Company Name: Virtue Maritime Services Contact Name: Ce Jomel Paradero Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected]