Australian Made Awards 2022

Mar22270 Aug 61 When we look towards impressive skincare, we should look for products which are as natural as possible. Using all natural resources, with honey and beeswax from their own apiary, Nina’s Bees has risen to new heights of success. In the Australian Made Awards, the team were recognised for this stunning achievement. We dig a little deeper to find out more. Based in the Blue Mountains, Nina’s Bees is more than a family apiary. It’s the home of a sustainable revolution offering stunning skincare products to those who need it most. The team are on a mission to protect dwindling bee populations as well as offering their customers 100% natural products that are of the highest quality and made with love. At the heart of the business, however, are the bees. Nina Tverskikh’s natural approach is part of every aspect of the business,withaholisticapproach meaning love and respect for the colony is paramount. Nina’s beekeeping ethics means there are no Queen excluders, plastic frames or pesticides in the hives. All the bees are from natural swarms and all their colonies build their own comb. Outside influence is as low as possible at all times. Since opening their doors, the Nina’s Bees team have been consistent in their ambitions to create some of the world’s safest and sustainable skincare products. The healing power of Mother Nature comes first at Nina’s Bees and only the finest natural ingredients are part of their range of skincare delights. Oils, herbs and honey is carefully sourced in as environmentally friendly a way as possible to give customers the healthy glow that they’ve been looking for. Too often, people turn to toxins and chemicals when nature has the solution all worked out. To this end, it’ll come as little surprise that they have partnered up with such a renowned company as Native Oils of Australia. Together, both Nina’s Bees and NOA manage to source single origin, Australiangrown native essential oils and natural ingredients for all their products. Over the years, the team have seen the same oil containers returned, cleaned and refilled with the same ingredients on a regular basis reducing landfill considerably. Because bees play such a crucial role in the development of new skincare products, the Nina’s Bees team has made education in the community a vital part of how she operates. She regularly gives talks about the importance of bees to our ecosystems by conducting bee talks at local schools, gardening communities and local business clubs. Through this understanding, people begin to comprehend how connected we all are and how important it is to consider bees and insects in our day to day lives. Nina’s Bees is small, but mighty. It’s a family business in the best sense of the phrase, offering incredible customer service and an awareness of the industry that is second to none. Infused through every product is an awareness of the power of Mother Nature and a determination to ensure that it can thrive at all times. We celebrate the team’s tremendous success and look forward to what they offer in the future. Company: Nina’s Bees Email: [email protected] Web Address: Most Trusted Artisan Skincare & Gift Company - NSW