Australian Made Awards 2022

Jan22686 Gould Marketing, winners of both the above award and the award for ‘Marketing Director of the Year 2022’ thanks to the work of Queensland marketing expert Samantha Gould, has secured its place at the top of the market thanks to its expertise and diligence. With proven results for each of its clients, its numerous accreditations and titles have propelled it to the forefront of its industry, a position that its continual growth promises it will not be forfeiting any time soon. Best Business Marketing & Communications Agency - QLD With proven results, knowledge, and experience, Gould Marketing boasts founders with over 27 years of outstanding work in the industry. Indeed, over the past 16 years, they have seen the market change and develop so much, that when they came set up Gould Marketing 7 years ago, they were incredibly well prepared to hit the ground running, with an in depth understanding of their market segment. Having been recognized for its knowledge, experience, and impeccable work, it has gained accreditation from the Australian Institute of Marketing, gaining an increasingly growing unblemished reputation by way of its physical marketing and online marketing services. Critically, much of this has been made possible by its leading professionals such as Marketing Director Samantha Gould. Her efforts have allowed Gould Marketing’s foundation to be one of expertise and dedication, emboldened by personal and team-based achievements. Nominally, these strategic planning and marketing solutions cover social media, as well as a myriad of other channels, allowing for a comprehensive and holistic approach to market communication. Moreover, tailoring its packages to suit its clients needs and businesses, it secures its place as a fullservice marketing agency. Using the multitude of awards below its belt as springboards from which it can reach broader sections of the market, its holistic services extend to print, radio, and television; it can also handle advertising campaigns, website build and creation, Google advertising campaigns, SEO, social media training, brainstorming, public relations, events presentations, and even influencer or blogger focused campaigns. Above all, it does this to achieve its mission of outstanding marketing and outreach that helps its clients to achieve business growth through intelligence, creativity, and strategy. Primarily, these services are extended tomedium sized businesses inAustralia, New Zealand, the US, the UK, and Europe proper, helping them to secure sustainable growth through strategic marketing and public relations. Achieving thiswith continual investment, innovation, and effective strategy creation, it workswith clients aswell as for them, ensuring positive and dependable returns on investment. Additionally, being Australia made, Australia owned, and Australia focused, it boasts a significant pedigree as a result, something it is proud to serve its market with. It extends its thanks to its clients and staff both in this manner, to its clients for their trust and to its staff for their dependable hard work, repaying some of this by ensuring that their workplace is a healthy, supportive, and balanced one. Thanks to the hard work of its leadership, it is excited to continue staying up to date with the market’s latest trends and developments, especially the changing META policies and IOS privacy laws. Thus, going forward, it will continue to be available 24/7 for its clients, using the client-centric processes that it boasts as a small agency to ensure each client knows just how much their individuality, business values, and business goals mean to it. Company: Gould Marketing Contact: Samantha Gould Website: Sep 144