Australian Made Awards 2022

Jan22686 FeFbe2b225233869 Innofocus Photonics Technology is a world-leading technology innovation company focusing on intelligent laser nanofabrication technology and equipment to enable development of advanced photonics devices, miniature optoelectronics components, green-energy new materials, and other advanced manufacturing applications. Innofocus developed the world-first intelligent laser nanoprinting system, named NanoPrint3D Intelligent Laser Nanofabrication System, capable of fabricating arbitrarily designed 3D/2D nanostructures with high resolution of less than 100 nm (approximately 1/1000th of the thickness of a hair strand), and high precision in positioning accuracy of 1nm. NanoPrint3D is a truly intelligent system that meets the customers’ needs from both academia and industry, with capabilities of a high degree of automation, intelligent advice on parameter configuration, scenario-oriented solution package, SOP-based software modules, embedded optimised fabrication algorithms, surface autolanding and auto-tracing, fibre core auto-tracing, multifocal parallel fabrication, laser beam shaping, and the world unique in-situ 3D refractive index characterisation functions. Established in Melbourne Australia, Innofocus completes all its R&D, testing, and manufacture in Australia. Innofocus system equipment has been certified to use the “Australian Made” logo with its complete intellectual properties and patented technologies representing the Australian standard as a worldleading position in the global nanofabrication industry. After been awarded as the Engineers Australia Excellence Awards Finalist 2022, Innofocus is honoured to have the attention and recognition from the industry for its Highly Encrypted Laser Nanofabrication Method for Colourful Digital ID Tags, which can expand possibility of digital transformation in an all-connected world, with capabilities that go beyond authentication, providing future information confidence and visual presentation. Innofocus believes that “Keep Innovating, Stay Focused” is the key spirt in its team to bring out high-value solutions. Consisting with a crossdisciplinary R&D team, Innofocus gathers a group of experts in fields including photonics, algorithms, automation and precision control, software engineering, machine vision, data analytics, optoelectronics, t e l e c o m m u n i c a t i o n s , and nanomaterials. The comprehensive coverage in team expertise, allowing the Innofocus team to collaborate to find the most cost-effective solutions based on market needs and industry challenges. Looking forward toward future development, Innofocus is dedicated to further enhancing and extending its nanomanufacturing capacities for Integrated Quantum Photonic Chips (I-QPC) development in the next five years. Throughout the development of information technologies, higher speed, larger bandwidth, lower energy consumption, and higher security and stability, are the ever-increasing demand the human world has. Integrated Quantum Photonic Chips (i-QPC) meet all these stringent requirements and are deemed to be the successor of silicon chips, which are now the core of computers and communication networks that have seen a physical limitation within years. The key functions of QPC rely on sophisticated nanopatterns. Laboratory research into QPCs have been carried out for decades based on customised nanopatterning equipment, which is extremely expensive, requires expert knowledge to operate, and is notorious for low productivity. As QPCs enter the commercialisation and industrialisation era, the existing fabrication capability on precision, reproducibility, and scalability faces tremendous challenges. Based on the extensive experience on precision manufacturing, automation, and photonics nanostructure design and fabrication, Innofocus solves this problem by its entirely intelligent NanoPrint3D system, which can produce reliable 3D nanostructures with minimum human intervention. This purely Australian made system is the only one in Australia and represents the state-of-the-art in the world. It solves the following key sector challenges: 1. High fabrication resolution, precision, flexibility, and reproducibility: Using the world’s best nanopositioning technology combined with AI-Vision powered image recognition, Innofocus’s system achieves nanometric resolution with subnanometer position accuracy and unprecedented reproducibility. The intelligent system combines both structural versality and reliability, which delivers the best performance and flexibility without the need of extensive expertise. It has therefore promoted the wide adoption of laser nanoprinting in the scientific community. 2. Reliable and scalable production: High precision and high throughput are completing requirements and have never been achieved simultaneously before. Based on the patented parallel and automation technology, Innofocus can deliver reliable nanoprinting at a speed 400 times faster than the market best product. This capability has ultimately enabled Innofocus to push the nanoprinting technology in the lab to nanomanufacturing in the industry settings. Innofocus’s unique high-end equipment manufacturing capability makes it the number one technology supplier in the academic field in the past few years, and is gaining more attention and recognition of the industry, for example “TOP10 Photonics Solutions APAC 2021” by Semiconductor Review in the United States, “Australian Tech23 DeepTech Gamechanging Company 2021”, “Finalist of Hello Tomorrow Challenge APAC 2022”, and “Semi-finalist of Australian Technologies Competition 2022” (finalist to be announced soon). With the establishment of the high-yield manufacturing technology, Innofocus is perfectly placed to lead theworld revolution towards nanomanufacturing in the QPC industry, which is estimated to reach $65 billion by 2030. In its next phase development, a Nano Manufacturing Plant (NMP) will be established in Australia by mid-2023, allowing the scaling up of the technology to provide both key components manufacturing and supply of industry-scale manufacturing systems. Innofocus is expected to become a key player in the i-QPC manufacturing space, occupying a significant market share. Company: Innofocus Photonics Technology Pty Ltd Contact: Frank Yao, Founder and CEO Email: [email protected] Website: Best Intelligent Laser Manufacturing Specialists 2022 Aug 641