Australian Made Awards 2022

Feb22538 The developers of smart tools that allow workers to safely maintain heavy machinery, SafeGauge has made itself a front running voice in modern, innovative, market leading equipment. Indeed, with a target of improving safety in themining industry on a global scale, it supports local businesseswith a fervent vigour, keeping a friendly local attitude even as its efforts seek to change an international market for the better. Australian owned, Australian operated, and powered by Australian ingenuity, SafeGauge has been spurring on revolutions in the mining industry since its entry onto the scene. Nominally, its flagship product, the SafeTest PT Series, allowed it to immediately hit the ground running with a new frontier of pressure testing technology that has taken the technician out of the danger zone, allowing technicians to stay clear of the crush zones and increasing accuracy by way of advanced engineering. Leveraging an innovative approach to data capture and recall, the results of such pressure tests have become far more reliable for the technicians in it serves. Ostensibly, diminishing the risks posed by traditional tooling by putting distance between the operations site and the technician has set a new bar for global safety. The drive that made this possible was that of the founder – Luke Dawson – someone who spent many years working as a heavy mobile plant mechanic himself, and therefore understands the risk of bodily harm that workers face on a day-to-day basis. Now, with its SafeTest PT testing kit that uses Bluetooth, its original Transducer series proper, and so much more to come, it has become a household name for the mining industry outside of Australia as well as within its borders; SafeGauge technology can now be found in America, Asia, and Africa too. Fundamentally, its technologies allow technicians and their employers to rest assured that risk to their person has been managed properly. In the event of catastrophic failure, the operator is not near the danger zone. Thus, off the back of its first product’s success, it created a range of other innovative solutions. These have included a Wireless Dial Indicator for measuring movement, an iOS and Android application, and an outstanding capability for further in-house research and development that will ensure continued ingenuity. Being the most efficient market option for hydraulic pressure testing currently available, it is proud to say it has been able to achieve its goal of reducing risk to mine workers by way of simple, accurate, and smart tools, something it is excited to keep sharing with the world going forward. Company: SafeGauge Website: Phone: 1300 222 392 Safety Tech Innovators of the Year 2022 Aug22613