Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

Best Marine & Land Bioactives Range – APAC As we know, skincare is very important – and we all need to give our skin some TLC on a daily basis. Organic Bioactives is pushing the boundaries of the global cosmetics industry by developing pioneering products from marine and land bioactive ingredients. Organic Bioactives’ very own Andrea Taimana talks to us about the products that have led it to success. The skin is the largest organ of the human body, and it plays a huge role in protecting us. Our skin changes as we age, and so we must find products that fit our needs throughout our lives. The cosmetics industry provides solutions for ageing and skin resilience – including protection against UV rays, acne, dryness, eczema, and much more. The industry is continuously increasing and expanding, resulting in a higher need for products that are both effective and sustainable. And, as the marine environment provides us with different species of micro-organisms, the natural products making use of bioactives help us to solve issues with our skin. Marine resources have been used within cosmetics for centuries however, with Organic Bioactives, the industry is progressing even further than before. The use of marine resources, with their bioactive properties, aids in remineralising, and they are emollient, hydrating, antioxidant, and sun screening, resulting in healthier, better skin – and greater selfconfidence to match. Organic Bioactive is collaborating with indigenous Māori communities for traditionally harvesting and incorporating 100% natural land ingredients. This led Organic Bioactives to become a brilliant source of cosmetic solutions within New Zealand – and further afield. Developing products for the global cosmetics industry, Organic Bioactives is always creating innovative opportunities in modern skincare science,” says Andrea Taimana of Organic Bioactives. She continues, “Starting with hand-picked, wildgrown botanicals, following traditional harvesting practices of the indigenous people of Aotearoa New Zealand, through to chemical-free green biotechnologies, we create innovative bioactive ingredients for the cosmetic industry. “Our proprietary tripartite extraction method is free of chemicals and provides unrivalled levels of bioactive compounds in an entirely bioavailable, odourless, semiliquid gel form. TPT Xtraction optimises and simplifies the formulation while at the same time elevating the performance, efficacy and sensorial profile of cosmetic products to the next level.” With sustainability at its core, Organic Bioactives is finding new ways to use marine and land bioactives to create cosmetics that improve our skin’s overall health. “Adherence to tradition and care for the environment.” Ethically sourced, and completely natural, Organic Bioactives’ ingredients help to support consumers, the planet, and communities that supply it with the wisdom it needs to continue creating its goods. Andrea shares, “We have collaborative agreements in place with Jan23358 local iwi – Māori communities – to supply botanicals. These communities carry the traditional knowledge on how to approach our native habitat in a respectful and regenerative way. This business model is designed to empower female Māori entrepreneurship, providing economic and educational opportunities for these communities.” Over the last five years, the industry has been moving away from the use of synthetics in cosmetics to increase sustainability and allow consumers to experience natural remedies. Organic Bioactives’ original product, OceanDerMX®, uses New Zealand native Red seaweed and Mamaku (Black fern) to fight premature ageing, improve dull and uneven skin tone, protect from sun and pollution damage, and much more. Organic Bioactives approach ensures top-quality products, deeply rooted in nature. They are non-GMO, Natrue certified, and Ecocert, Cosmos, and China compliant. Andrea shares, “In 2022, we launched PlantæDerMX® and ZeaDerMX® ingredient lines. Each distinct ingredient is backed up with in-vitro analysis and delivers remarkable levels of antioxidant activity, antiinflammatory and / or antipollution activity.” The team is dedicated to the level of empowerment that Organic Bioactives provides. Andrea adds, “We are a small, dedicated team and respect and empowerment is key. This encourages motivation, has led to greater accountability and in turn greater job satisfaction.” They each believe in a common goal – to “protect, preserve, and nourish New Zealand’s unique biodiversity.” “From a sustainability perspective, we are motivated at working on creating a positive environmental impact.” Excited for 2023, and beyond, Organic Bioactives is planning to push its products even further out into the global market, introducing its allnatural cosmetic bioactives to as much of the world as possible. With sustainability and care being at the very heart of the business, Organic Bioactives works hard to encourage its team, surrounding communities, and consumers to feel seen and heard – whilst looking after the planet we all live on. Finally, Andrea says, “We believe that anyone in business today should be helping build a better future.” This is just one of the many reasons why the company has won Best Marine & Land Bioactives Range – APAC. This isn’t just a pipedream; this is becoming a reality as Organic Bioactives gains more recognition for its excellence – long may its success continue. Contact: Andrea Taimana Company: Organic Bioactives Web Address: