Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

With its high-performing AI technology, Misio takes the guesswork and many years of experimentation out of business processes. This encourages expansion and invention, here and now. For the future, Misio looks to “add value to the sustainability industry by collaborating well with all stakeholders including technology providers, advisors, regulators and accountant firms.” As some companies are “unclear on where to begin to create a sustainability strategy that will ultimately need to be used to meet either industry or government related regulatory compliance,” Misio homes in on creating a global network of businesses that are focused on preservation. Its B2B AI platform allows organisations to invest in sustainability – they are “now able to measure commercial growth through Misio Tile.” Get started with your business profile and MIA (Misio Intelligent Assistant) to be guided towards your sustainability goals. The future of sustainability has become a thing of the present due to Misio’s technology, and we’re proud to present it with its new title. By empowering a huge list of businesses, Misio has won Best Sustainable Business Marketplace 2023 – APAC, and we are proud to be part of its journey to unrivalled success. Contact: Jeremy Biggs Company: Misio Email: [email protected] Web Address: