Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

and what we want them to “achieve so they know what is expected of them in the role. Before interviewing them we ask them to do a personality test. We know that certain personalities perform better in specific roles so we hire for the personality and psychometrics of the person more so than the skill set. Skills can be taught but behaviour patterns and how someone responds is more difficult to mould. We always hire staff before we need them. It takes time to train staff up and you need to allow sufficient time for them to gain mastery of the role. It is impossible to train anyone when the business is struggling to keep up. The most integral part of our working environment is our culture. Everyone regardless of role is treated equally and we also provide opportunity for advancement in positions and further training if our staff are interested.” Ultimately, the future of Roccoco is one of immense growth and expansion, building on the past five years of back to back success, as Jacine explains in her closing comments. “We have rapidly grown over the past 5 years in growth with significant compounding growth year on year in business. 2023 will be a year of rapid transformation and expansion.We are planning on entering the Canadian Market in June/July 2023 and the UK in December 2023. We are currently working on a project with an Indigenous company and will be bringing out Roccoco Native mid-year. This is a celebration of Indigenous plants and medicines that have been traditionally used by tribal elders. This will be our first product containing SPF in it.” Company Name: Roccoco Botanicals Contact Name: Jacine Greenwood, CEO Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected]