Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

Best Botanical Beauty Brand 2023 Roccoco Botanicals (Roccoco) is innovation. It is transparency and honesty, driving to establish best practices for the greater industry and redefine what it means to be ‘the best’. We spoke with Roccoco’s CEO Jacine Greenwood following the company’s recognition in the programme as the ‘Best Botanical Beauty Brand’ of the year. The beauty industry is going through a period of reinvention, albeit one that is happening slowly across the global market – there’s a need, after all, for continuing improvement and innovation, to embrace the opportunities offered by technological developments and the like, and thrive. Where Roccoco has cultivated a strong reputation lies in catering to treating conditions that would otherwise go untreated due to a lack of alternative options. Here, Jacine offers more insight into the company’s offerings and ethos. “Roccoco Botanicals provides innovative skin solutions for conditions that many consumers have been unable to find a solution for. Designed specifically for the needs of acne-prone and sensitive skin. 50% of adult women get acne, something that the cosmetic industry still fails to recognise. Many products on the market are not designed for acne skins despite at all, leaving many customers with lifelong skin challenges. Our products permit those with sensitive and acne prone skins to successfully be able to treat their multiple skin concerns.” The use of natural ingredients is becoming more common on the beauty landscape as businesses move to recognise the damage that synthetic options can cause. So, while naturally-sourced products are becoming the new de-facto stance, Roccoco looks to do better. “Roccoco started with simply a dream to provide safe products for acne prone and atopic skins. It is our belief that mother nature provides everything we need for beautiful skin, with many of our natural ingredients outperforming synthetic peptides and retinols. We are the innovators and are frequently the first person to import cosmetic ingredient into Australia. “Innovation has been a crucial part of our success, allowing us to provide solutions that nobody else has making us unique in the market. We consciously choose ingredients that are sustainable and where possible upcycled, decreasing waste. Transparency we believe is important in a world of filters and fakeness. Customers seek connection with brands and are interested in them beyond purchasing a product,” Jacine explains. It would be remiss to not going into more detail on how innovation truly beats at the heart of Roccoco, and how it continues to shape the business for the future. Innovation is the key, Jacine says, to the company’s success. “Roccoco is the most innovative professional skin care brand on the market. It’s the only skin care brand from Australia and to win the prestigious Alle Awards for Innovation: the rebel and rule breaker. Revered and loved for our rapid and fast results, we shatter the myth that natural products don’t work. Unlike other brands our products Jan23500 are not formulated to a price bracket, they are formulated to deliver exceptional results. “As a brand we do not focus on the percentages of actives, we are instead focused on delivery of them. The innovative ingredients we use “break the rules” of the traditional white cream and result in a kaleidoscope of colour in our products. This is why our results are so radically different. We take the mystery out of calming inflamed sensitive skins, with our products specifically designed to reinforce the cohesiveness of the skin, preventing moisture loss. As a brand we don’t believe in ablating the skin or forcibly removing skin cells. We respect the skin barrier function of the skin with all of our products enhancing skin health and suppressing inflammation.” Of course, part of being innovative is in paying attention to trends as they emerge, to get ahead, and determine where the path will eventually lead. “The current trend in cosmetics is upcycled and botanical ingredients. Many consumers are looking for multifunctionality in formulas, so they can minimise their routine. Upcycling is the repurposing of waste material for use. This benefit allows the reduction of methane gases and reduces environmental burden. Roccoco uses multiple ingredients that are upcycled including coffee, sugar beets, corn and blueberries. “Since the pandemic there is an epidemic of sensitivity in skins. The need for products that cater for sensitive skins is at a pinnacle, with many consumers not being able to have beauty treatments performed due to irritation. Roccoco has a strong focus on anti-inflammatory herbs and plants, and are quickly gaining traction due to their ability to calm and reduce irritation. Refillable packaging is another trend that is on the rise and we have started to capitalise on this with our first product in refillable packaging launching in the first quarter of 2023.” Let’s talk a bit about the internal culture of Roccoco, and how the innovative brand image is had curated reflects an internal culture defined by collaboration, creativity, positivity and initiative. “ The qualities we look for in our team members are: “A” team mentality, a can do attitude, positivity, willingness to learn, team work and initiative, ability to own their own mistakes and to think outside the box. This contributes to our success because our team all work together collaboratively towards targets and goals. Our approach to hiring staff is to be clear on the job description “Our core values as a brand is that we choose natural ingredients over synthetic because of their multifunctional activity.” “We have grown entirely from word of mouth and only started briefly advertising late last year in 2022. For a brand to grow to a multimillion enterprise with no paid advertising is a testament to the efficacy and customer love of the brand.”