Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

medium-sized business is a person, with hopes, dreams, and fears,” Sophia shares. “Most mindset coaches or therapists have never run a sevenfigure business (or multiple businesses) to know the very real and pressing challenges that founders face!” This is where Eunoia differentiates as it brings the best of therapy, leadership, and performance coaching together, for a whole person approach to business. “Our focus is not solely on helping you improve your business in a traditional sense (though we may discuss topics like HR, systems, and business plans). Our mission is to support you in growing into the founder you need to be, to take your business and mission to the next level.” Zoi adds that, over the last two decades, there has been a rise in conscious capitalism, where businesses are encouraged to move beyond a profit-only model to a profit-for-purpose model where they consciously consider the impact their business can make on the world around us. Whether that be in terms of environmental goals or social goals, the ethos behind conscious capitalism is grassroots social change, one small business at a time. In Australia, this type of business is called a social enterprise. “Since opening Eunoia our goal has always been to operate as a social enterprise,” Zoi comments. “From the moment we began returning a profit, 50% (or more) of those profits have been geared towards creating impact in marginalised communities. We started by simply donating a portion of every sale, which generated $8,525 for organisations like Alannah and Madeleine which help children in crisis.” In 2023 however, as the firm officially applies for social enterprise status, it has shifted its impact pathway instead of donating to one charity at a time, to instead create scholarships where it can work directly with changemakers (founders from marginalised communities) whose success will create ripples of change for entire communities. As the firm’s retention and referral rates are the reason it has grown year-on-year, this success comes down to the fact its clients get results due to the characteristics of Eunoia’s team and culture. The environment within the firm is based on empathy, authenticity, resilience, and a solutions mindset and, when hiring, these business values are of the utmost importance. We hire based on strengths over skills, and values and attitude over experience,” says Sophia. “We also have a secret weapon we use to determine who joins the crew – a warmtho-metre. If someone cannot make us feel welcome and safe, they will struggle to create that environment for others.” Recently, Eunoia Mindset was recognised in the Australian Enterprise Awards and named Most Enriching Business Behavioural Coaching Provider - New South Wales. Now, as the future beckons, the pair of mindset leaders are looking forward to helping other business owners experience genuine freedom and fulfilment. “It wasn’t until we started Eunoia that we realised that what we have given each other, most other people never experience in their lives – a space of acceptance,” Sophia tells us. “We also realise,d that very gift is the basis of transformation in a therapeutic relationship. “So Eunoia in a sense, was born out of friendship – with a simple goal to share the beauty of acceptance and community with others, because we feel so privileged to have been given that gift ourselves, in each other.” Contact: Sophia Barros & Zoi Saad Company: Eunoia Mindset Web Address: