Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

Feb23082 Lifelong friends and business partners, Sophia and Zoi formed a business based on mutual respect and understanding. Now, Eunoia Mindset (Eunoia) is leading the way in the business coaching industry, bringing hope and strength to hundreds of Founders who feel they have lost their way. We speak to the firm’s co-founders, Sophia & Zoi about their award in the Australia Enterprise Awards 2023. Eunoia Mindset is a mindset specialist for founders of service-based businesses who want to ditch stress and operate from their genius zone for greater results, balance, and joy. Founded by entrepreneurs and lifelong best friends, Sophia Barros and Zoi Saad, Eunoia Mindset helps for-purpose and service-based founders with established businesses to grow their businesses and make more impact – without compromising their health, authenticity, or freedom. The two dynamic women’s stories are inspirational to say the least and give a lot of understanding as to the inception of the firm. Sophia is a performance and leadership coach with more than 20 years’ experience in the world of small business, and degrees in psychology, culture, and communication. She has led businesses and teams from the point of start-up to scaling. Her personal experience of burnout and her journey back to sustainable high-performance and balance have led to models like EM’s Authentic Impact Model. She’s also a mum, who understands the pressures facing self-employed families, where the demands on your time are endless. “I was born to two entrepreneurial parents, so spent most of my early life learning how to run and manage businesses across a series of fields,” explains Sophia. “This then led me to fall back on management and business based jobs to fund my way through uni, and eventually saw me as a director of a business, pushing myself to a point of extreme burnout.” Alongside that journey, Sophia trained as a psychologist but to heal her own burnout, found herself going beyond the world of clinical psychology in search of more holistic healing modalities and education. This in turn helped Sophia learn how to recover from her own imposter syndrome, impossible standards, and workaholicism, which informs a lot of the frameworks that the team take their clients through in Eunoia. Zoi is a Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT). This is a very specialised form of unconscious mind work that accelerates transformation and results by bringing your conscious actions and habits into alignment with your unconscious drivers. Zoi trained directly with Marissa Peer, the UK’s number one therapist, who developed RTT for high-performance in the work she did with royals, elite athletes, and top entrepreneurs. In a previous life, Zoi spent years working in boutique finance firms and small creative agencies, giving her a very clear and real understanding of the pressures facing small businesses. “Sophia and I completed our clinical training and were going into business at similar times,” Zoi tells us, looking back on how the two came together to form Eunoia. “We both wanted to help people reconnect with themselves, find freedom and space, and access greater joy. We thought we would combine efforts because of our aligned goals, but in truth what happened is that we created a new system that brought each of our modalities together to truly fast-track results.” Where individuals got stuck from a coaching and strategic standpoint, RTT was able to transform instantaneously; and where RTT and hypnotherapy perhaps fell short, the coaching was able to move them forward in profound ways. Very quickly, the pair began to formulate their own modality and methodology, combining the wisdom and winning frameworks from CBT, positive psychology, strategic coaching, NLP, hypnotherapy, and mindfulness in order to cut through resistance and help people genuinely reset. Today, through Eunoia Mindset, the dynamic duo work with founders in a few different ways: - A 12 Week Reignite Journey serves stressed-out founders wanting to rekindle their spark and win back time and mental space. - The Authentic Impact Mastermind helps business owners take themselves and their business to the next stage of growth, utilising the Conscious Leadership framework. - Virtual and Live Workshops serve to help educate and elevate founders’ teams across a suite of areas like sustainable performance, strategic vision, planning for results, emotional resilience, and team culture. The company also works privately with a handful of individuals each year wanting to fast-track results, and it has a network of female partners (therapists and coaches) who work under the Eunoia Mindset umbrella to help professionals find balance, authenticity, and create a life they love. “Most business coaches focus on strategy and forget that the heart of every small- to Most Enriching Business Behavioural Coaching Provider - New South Wales