Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

a 250-300-page analysis of a person’s temperament and how they would behave in various situations, providing valuable insights amongst their strengths and weaknesses,” Nick says. “We use that simply as a tool for effective communication between our people. There are no right or wrong answers. We are who we are.” Nick looks for forward thinkers who take responsibility for themselves and see a problem to its logical conclusion, without being micro-managed. He also looks for people who are able to demonstrate how they could utilise the firm’s core values in their interactions with clients. “Our people need to live and breathe our core values on a day-to-day basis to remain with our team.” Recently, Trusted Estate Agents was named in the Australian Enterprise Awards as Estate Agents of the Year 2023 – Sydney, as well as clinching the prestigious title of Business Innovation & Excellence Award 2023 too. Understandably delighted by these two achievements, Nick says that innovation is most definitely the cornerstone to his success. “Whilst we all have competitors, we can still operate in the same market that serves both interests, however it takes a mindset of abundance on both sides of the ledger to achieve those outcomes,” he states. “We give our house buyers what they are seeking, with speed and efficiency, and we provide them with all the information so they can make the most informed decision to purchase as quickly as possible. “The market has no time for games from selling agents, asking their clients to jump through their imaginary hoops before providing house buyers the information they need to do business.” Contact: Nick Xenos Company: Trusted Estate Agents Web Address: