Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

Estate Agents of the Year 2023 – Sydney & Business Innovation & Excellence Award 2023 Driven by passion, innovation, and a very real consideration for his clients, Nick Xenos of Trusted Estate Agents in Australia is fast becoming the leading property expert in the Sydney area. We speak to Nick to learn more about his approach in the wake of him celebrating a double achievement in the Australian Enterprise Awards 2023. Trusted Estate Agents is a performance based residential selling agency based in Sydney, New South Wales, which is committed to servicing the needs of Sydney house sellers. Led by its director, licensed real estate agent and auctioneer Nick Xenos, the firm lives by its core values to ensure that it differentiates its service offering to other real estate agents within Australia. The core values that Trusted Estate Agents follow diligently are: T = Trust – Give of yourself fully; R = Respect – Treat others as you would yourself; U = Understanding – Provide empathy to others; S = Service – Always, value add at every turn; T = Teamwork – Together each achieves more; E = Education – Actioned, knowledge is power; and D = Determination – Giving up is never an option. “At the heart of extraordinary organisations are the core values communicated in every word and deed,” explains Nick, a real estate veteran with more than 30 years’ worth of experience in the industry. Driven by a truly compelling sales offer, Trusted Estate Agents sell for profit or see house sales through to settlement for 0% agents commission, guaranteed in writing. This is yet another key differentiator which distinguishes the company and sets it aside from others in the market. “Our success is measured by the quality of each client sale not the number of transactions each year, as industry commentators would have you believe,” Nick elaborates. “Profit is the ultimate motivator that provides house sellers the freedom to do more with their money after the sale than they ever thought possible prior to the sale.” The property industry has moved from an analogue world to a digitised world, even more so since the Covid-19 pandemic, meaning that everything is now centred around speed to market and efficiency across how agents interact with prospective buyers viewing the open houses for inspections. Nick and the team at Trusted Estate Agents have moved to digital business cards, allowing people to interact with prospective buyers, contractors, and suppliers, and therefore enabling the agency to transfer files and website links to people’s mobiles in a matter of seconds. “This is truly a breakthrough in technology working for us,” enthuses Nick. “In addition, we are now creating digital action plans, whereby future house sellers can answer a series of questions in under three minutes and obtain instant feedback on their answers and helpful tips, links to websites that answer their specific questions, download books and other relevant information, and even book themselves into a Zoom calendar meeting.” All of this can now be achieved in under 10 minutes and is a great example of technology Jan23483 working at lightning speed and Trusted Estate Agents pioneering the way forward in the digital era. Furthermore, Trusted Estate Agents has launched two Key Digital Action Plans for the year ahead as it embraces the digitised world. Each action plan is designed to assist two very distinct parties in the transaction, namely; the house seller and the house buyer, but not in the same transaction. The house seller wants to achieve the highest amount of money for their house sale, whilst the house buyer wants to pay the least amount of money for their purchase. Trusted Estate Agents now provides each party with an opportunity to answer a quick survey that takes less than three minutes to complete online and provides them with instant feedback and actionable next steps in their journey. “This technology has enabled us to partner with other like-minded entrepreneurial businesses, such as mortgage brokers,” Nick continues. “We are seeking to expand our mortgage broker lender network as we continue to grow. This is only possible due to the advancements in technology that has enabled us to cross-pollinate our services into larger databases by valuing adding via customer action plan reports.” However, Nick acknowledges that, whilst digitisation is important in this ever-evolving fast-paced world in which we now live, it is no replacement for human interaction. “Thankfully, we also retain processes that we still believe are superior to the digital world,” he states. “Afterall, we are tactile human beings and we like to touch and feel our way around our environment and this is important in a selling environment.” Digitisation has, however, enabled Trusted Estate Agents to provide contracts, building, and pest reports, as well as other associated due diligence reports, to prospective buyers via downloadable links, making it easy to communicate and provide information faster and more efficiently than ever before. By providing all prospective buyers with a comprehensive and physical buyer booklet, every buyer has all of the available information pertaining to the house sale at his or her fingertips, and at precisely the moment they enter an open house for inspection. This gives Nick’s prospective buyers a sense of personal ownership over the information being provided and the ability for them to take the next step in the sale process leading to a logical conclusion. As well as providing exceptional customer service, Trusted Estate Agents also believes in looking after its people. When recruiting new talent to join the team, Nick asks potential employees to undergo a personality profile. “The personality test takes less than 10 minutes to complete online and provides