Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

has always been to empower individuals by recognizing and validating their skills, and this award reaffirms that we are on the right path. In accepting this prestigious award, we acknowledge the responsibility it brings, and we are committed to surpassing the expectations set by this recognition”. In short, Training and Skills Certified, with its slogan of “Bridging the Gap, Transforming Lives”, is a collective that has mastered the art of empowering individuals through personalized RPL solutions. As a pioneering provider in Australia for the Vietnamese Community, with sights set on expanding to encompass clients from all nationalities in the near future, Training and Skills Certified promises great things, and most definitely has all of the tools at its disposal to achieve them in abundance. Through practise, its team is able to flourish on its clients’ behalf, resulting in a vivid understanding of real life, practical, and hands-on experiences that grant the collective an exceptional level of empathy that doesn’t go unnoticed. Combined, all of these factors coalesce into a company whose primary objective is to ensure its clients exit the process on the road to becoming the best version of themselves. Its RPL solutions are revolutionary, resulting in a plethora of possibilities just waiting to be explored by new and old customers alike. No matter how complex a request may be on a personal level, Training and Skills Certified is prepared to go above and beyond to change the lives of clients across the region. For this reason, we’re very proud to present Training and Skills Certified with the title of Best Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Service Providers 2023 – Australia. Contact Details Contact: Tommy Vu and Meesha Nguyen Company: Training and Skills Certified Web Address: https://trainingandskillscertified.