Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

Widely credited with the status of being Australia’s leading provider of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) services, Training and Skills Certified is a collective who has mastered bridging the gap between official qualifications and practical expertise. From its establishment in 2016 to the present day, Training and Skills Certified has made an undeniable impact – one that reflects the avid commitment it holds towards excellence across all of its RPL consultancy services. Join us as we explore how it tirelessly works to achieve greater success for its clients time and time again. Formed in 2016 by visionary CEO Mr. Tommy Vu and Ms. Meesha Nguyen, Training and Skills Certified quickly rose to the position of being Australia’s definitive option for excellent RPL consultancy services. Led by the mission “We help our customers achieve greater success and life transformation through their competency”, the collective has dedicated itself to creating a framework that, above all else, supports customers during said growth. It believes that, when a client is winning, so too is Training and Skills Certified, and it reflects this notion through its award-winning excellence. It’s this very devotion to ensuring each client remains at the centre of every service that truly sets Training and Skills Certified apart from its competitors. The company seeks to serve customers by deploying guidance that is unapologetically personal to their unique career paths and aspirations. In doing so, its consultants go the extra mile to guarantee that customers are granted access to assistance that correlates with their individual needs, resulting in a bespoke process that’s perfectly tailored to them. This meticulous characteristic is one upon which Training and Skills Certified prides itself, and it’s what has helped it to unite clients with outcomes that are beyond ideal. Underscoring everything Training and Skills Certified does are three key factors in the form of ‘Experienced Consultants’, ‘Quality Service, Dedicated, and Enthusiastic’, and ‘Fast and Effective Response Times’. First, its ‘Experienced Consultants’ are on hand to support customers, anytime and anywhere. When speaking to a consultant about your goals, you’ll not only receive guidance, but you’ll be embarking on a journey tailored to your personal skills and career aspirations. The team approach each case with dedication and personalization, ensuring you are ready to take on the right next steps in your career. ‘Quality Service, Dedicated, and Enthusiastic’ is all about its unwavering commitment truly setting it apart from any competition. The team is passionate about what they do, and this enthusiasm translates into a service that goes beyond expectations, whether navigating the process of RPL or seeking guidance on career development. Finally, Training and Skills Certified prides itself on ‘Fast and Effective Response Times’. Understanding the dynamic nature of the business environment, the team prioritizes the streamlining of processes as well as building strong relationships and instilling confidence between businesses and potential customers. This commitment to providing prompt responses contributes to a positive and efficient experience for clients. By integrating each of these key factors, the company highlights the personalized approach of its experienced consultants, the dedication and enthusiasm that underpin its services, and the efficiency derived from fast and effective response times. This reinforces its commitment to providing unparalleled RPL services. When asked about his company’s recognition in this supplement, CEO Tommy Vu had this to say: “We are honored to receive the “Best Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Service Providers 2023 - Australia” award, which serves as a validation of our commitment to excellence in providing RPL consultancy services. This award is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team at Training and Skills Certified. Our mission Best Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Service Providers 2023 - Australia Bridging the Gap - Transforming Lives