Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

Jan22686 F eFbe2b22523386 9 Health and wellness, as global industries, seem to have gone on two different paths. One is defined by all things technology. Of innovation and development, and next generation products. Of inventions and reinvention. You can imagine the clinics of such approaches, all marble and hard-lined, angular architecture. The other, which Embrace Life firmly falls under, returns to our roots. Innovation still shines here, but it is more people-focused, driven by holistic approaches. For Kathryn and Sharon, the company was established to become a “natural health hub”, a place that nurtures and grows alongside its clients. “We wanted to create a natural health hub, that is inclusive, warm and nurturing, where everyone feels welcome and supported in their own health journey. Our teams’ high standards for providing evidence-based health services that include Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Lactation & Child Health, Acupuncture, Counselling, Remedial Massage and Naturopathy, and working with our clients to create a unique plan that helps them to achieve better health and function, has helped our business grow.” There’s more of an immediate focus on catering services to the individual needs of the client, with considerations made to supplementary services that would enhance overall effectiveness. Utilising both traditional and complimentary therapies, often in tandem, Embrace Life focuses on one thing – client happiness. “Our team have a passion for supporting mothers, babies and families in general, through to our valued clients of ‘wise age’ .” “We are passionate about inspiring confident families – by offering support and education to our clients, so they can make confident health choices in how they want to look after their families. We do this with non-judgemental support and embrace the choices our clients make,” Sharon adds. It perhaps goes without saying, but there’s something very approachable, client-friendly, and nurturing about Embrace Life as a team and company. This is certainly not just an opinion held by its clients, but also one held by the local community which the team works hard to support in turn. “Embrace Life is heavily involved with the local community and provides a free Child Health Clinic on Monday’s and Friday’s for families, where they can seek supportive advice for their family from our Child Health Team consisting of Midwives, Child Health Nurses and Lactation Consultants.” “Embrace Life combines traditional and complimentary therapies to provide integrative health care to our community, where holistic healthcare seeks to care for the whole person – mind, body & spirit – all in the one location.” With all of this in mind, there is little secrecy when it comes to the key to Embrace Life’s success. Its founding values remain in place, acting as a driver and differentiator on an evergrowing and ever-competitive field. With Sharon and Kathryn at the helm, and the team pursuing best practices, there’s little the company cannot do. Company: Embrace Life Names: Sharon Armstrong and Kathryn Bishop, Owners Web Address: www.embracelife. Address: 4a/4-8 Burke Crescent, North Lakes, Qld 4509 Telephone: 07 3491 6533 Best Natural Chiropractic Care Company - Moreton Bay Established in 2009 by Co-Founders Sharon Armstrong and Kathryn Bishop, Embrace Life was built on a firm foundation that prioritised (and still prioritises) natural health and wellness. Following the company’s success, we spoke with Owner’s Sharon and Kathryn to find out more about its exceptional services and commitment to all things natural.