Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

Australian Enterprise Awards 2023 is full to the brim with businesses that are making an impact on their surroundings, and Smartfinn Advisors is one of them. We find out exactly what makes it so special as it wins its title this year. As a pioneering mortgage broker, Smartfinn Advisors’ ideas and presence are flourishing, and we wish to take a moment to celebrate it. With its main office in Sydney, Smartfinn Advisors is transforming m o r t g a g e brokering in Australia. Its CEO, Demal George, tells us more about its services. He says, “The company’s core services are to support Mortgage Brokers with branding, systems, training, and marketing support to grow the Mortgage Broker’s financial advisory business.” By educating its customers, the well-trained brokers of Smartfinn Advisors forms a long-lasting relationship with them. It believes in the power of people as it helps them to “manage loans and assists with the process of procuring a loan to any client in Australia.” Evolving since 2018, Smartfinn Advisors boasts a team of brokers that are certified by most lenders in Australia. Demal tells us, “Clients get to have competitive choices from 40+ lenders and 100’s of loan products,” meaning they can manage their business successfully for the foreseeable future. The entire company is rooted in its values of integrity, teamwork, and consistent quality when delivering to customers. Smartfinn faces challenges due to being a newcomer to the market however, the values that it holds within its core give it the strength to be a strong contender. Demal shares, “During the process we have been closely monitoring competition offering and have implemented services which are similar or out beats competition offer. Most importantly, we were keenly focused on keeping the fees and income stream of great value to the broker, when taking into consideration the variety of services that are provided by Smartfinn Team.” It is home to an “attractive upfront and trail commission,” “state of the art CRM system,” “personalised support,” and more. It offers free mentoring for brokers within the giant industry, full access to a marketing team for personalised collaterals, free weekly digital content for individual brokers, support with complex situations, etc., so that its customers can reap the rewards. We ensure great value & support to our brokers and makes it a happy place to be for all our employees. With an intense focus on customer and employee satisfaction, Smartfinn Advisors puts emphasis on “working in a creative and flexible environment.” Demal adds, “We value open and honest communication and regular audits are done to evaluate the employee’s performance and address any concerns that they have.” The team is a collaborative entity that moves together on a daily basis. The team is updated regularly on company’s short, long-term goals and objectives so that all are focused in a single direction. Sharing information and making time for professional development, the team is able to provide a quality service for its customers. Each individual strives to explore more projects for the future of Smartfinn Advisors. Demal says, “Our dream target is to have a team of 50 brokers as franchisees and 20 admin staff by 2030. This is a herculean target considering the fact it is a self-funded company, however all team members are driven by this goal. “We desire to partner with more experienced brokers as well as mentees and above all ensure that our clients have a seamless and smooth experience while they approach our Mortgage brokers for their loan needs. We intend to spend more time and effort on promoting our company and also on the research of the latest products offered.” For now, Smartfinn Advisors has won Best Emerging Mortgage Brokerage Company 2023 – NSW, and it is set on an upward trajectory as it gathers its recognition from APAC Insider. We have no doubts about its future success, and we are sure to see it gain traction to become a leading force for mortgage brokerage in Australia. Contact: Demal George Company: Smartfinn Advisors Web Address: Best Emerging Mortgage Brokerage Company 2023 – NSW