Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

Best Student Support & Tutoring Service Provider 2023 There’s no one, true, perfect way to teach people. We’re all individuals, and everyone absorbs information differently. What works for one person is not guaranteed to work for everyone else. The Better Multisensory Learning Centre (BetterMSL) fundamentally understands this, and has built its reputation around catering to the needs of the individual student. On the back of its deserved success in the programme, we spoke with Director Alexie Better to find out more. The education world isn’t built for those that have learning difficulties, regardless of what those difficulties are or how they present themselves. That’s true for the world over, with a shocking lack of investment in services that cater to those that struggle to keep pace with others around them. Working primarily with individuals presenting with speech and language delays, autism spectrum disorders and attention deficit disorders, BetterMSL has become a stalwart in an industry that is sorely needed, as Alexie explains further. “The Better Multisensory Learning Centre (BetterMSL) is a professional tutoring service that uses a wide variety of academic techniques and learning tools to teach reading and writing to students experiencing learning difficulties including those with Dyslexia and Dysgraphia. Our Centre integrates a range of diverse teaching methods engaging the visual, auditory and kinaesthetic neural pathways to support learning. Our teaching methodology is a systematic and cumulative process exploring language and numeracy instruction, with each lesson flexible and individualised for every student.” “Our Centre’s core aim is to help and assist all struggling readers, writers and learners to become confident and independent so they may achieve future success.” Saying all of that, there are promising movements towards a more inclusive mindset being embraced by the greater education world. The pandemic, for instance, certainly highlighted a vast difference in terms of how people of all ages and abilities learn best. There is no ‘one way fits all’ cookie cutter approach, and we’re currently seeing more options open up for those that find the current system lacking – but those options are relatively few and far between at the moment. As it stands then, BetterMSL is certainly acting as a pacesetter in this developing landscape, marking the path for others to follow in its footsteps. On this theme, Alexie offers more insight into the techniques the company uses. “At the Better Multisensory Learning Centre we use a range of multisensory and multidisciplinary approaches to support student learning, these include incorporating the use of colour, using tactile equipment such as sand, the explicit teaching of the phonetic sounds used within the English language and associated spelling rules. Tutoring centres in Australia and globally rarely incorporate the use of these sensory tools to support learning. The Better Multisensory Learning Centre also engages psychologists, speech pathologists and other allied health professionals to support these students with addressing learning concerns. “The Better Multisensory Learning approach is to provide students experiencing learning difficulties with individualised Jan23102 learning plans that incorporate multisensory techniques and explicit teaching. The individual learning plans take into account the student’s particular learning difficulties in relation to the curriculum that they are being taught in the classroom at school.” It perhaps goes without saying, but BetterMSL has found enduring success through its team. Each tutor approaches their work with a passion for teaching, which shines through in the efficacy of their techniques, and ultimately, in the results that their students achieve. “The tutors who are apart of Better Multisensory Learning, specialise in understanding the students’ different learning styles. Each child is unique and different and if they are struggling to learn, that could be due their neurological disorder which, thereby understanding different learning conditions can aid the students in their learning development. “At Better Multisensory Learning, we believe that anyone can learn, no matter what their learning challenge. All our staff understand that children, teenagers, parents, and adults struggle not only with learning but also socially and emotionally. With the level of understanding and support we provide to our clients and students, many feel valued and supported and not alone in their learning journey,” Alexie adds. The future of BetterMSL is marked through a dedication to continuation – a continuation of its services, and building on its already robust foundation to provide an expansive offering that caters to all who seek its expertise. All in all, this year will prove to be a crucial time for the company as it looks to collaborate with more schools and organisations to deliver its services to those that need it. Alexie discusses the future of BetterMSL in her closing comments. “Our goal is to engage with and support professionals outside of our centre including psychologists, therapists, aides and teachers for them to assist students with learning difficulties by sharing with them new techniques and strategies to support students who are struggling with their learning. “It has been an absolute pleasure for the team at the Centre to assist many students to overcome their learning difficulties. At Better Multisensory Learning we get to see kids, see their selfesteem develop and for them to grow as valuable members of our community. We look forward to what this new year will bring.” Company: Better MultiSensory Learning Name: Alexie Better, Director Email: bettermsl@gmail. com Web Address: www. bettermultisensorylearning. Address: 1/279 Doncaster Road, Balwyn North, Victoria, 3104 Telephone: +61 468 302 808