Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

Feb22538 Run by founder, Adam Houlahan, Prominence Global is an agency dedicated to helping entrepreneurs utilise LinkedIn the way that it works best. We caught up with Adam following the firm being rewarded in the Australian Enterprise Awards to find out more about this venture. As one of the world’s leading LinkedIn agencies, Prominence Global excels in supporting the world’s scaling entrepreneurs to become prominent and highly influential in their own respective industries via a powerful online presence that accelerates the growth of their global footprint. Operating globally and not solely focused on Australia, Prominence Global has seen many trends emerging within the industry. The most current is that business leaders are looking for specialised social media agencies over one-stop shop style agencies, and this is exactly where Prominence Global can help. “Social media has become so specialised to each platform, it is difficult for agencies to be masters of everything,” explains Adam Houlahan, the firm’s Chief Executive Officer. “This is why we chose to only work with clients looking for high-level LinkedIn strategies. It allows us to remain at the cutting-edge of our expertise.” Working with Prominence Global can make a huge impact and can effect positive change in a client’s respective industry and their businesses. Offering services quite unlike its competitors, the company differentiates itself by ensuring participating entrepreneurs become a trusted sage, build a reliable marketing machine, and will show incontestable value. “We believe every business has the power to change lives through its everyday business activities,” Adam continues. “Our methodology is laserfocused on these three important outcomes. “On the scale of brand visibility, many brands are effectively invisible. Our methodology takes you from “Obscurity to Visibility”. We also build you a powerful Marketing Machine based on LinkedIn which does not require an unlimited ads budget. Finally, when you’re positioned in the top 1%, your potential clients are confident in the work you’ll do for them. At this stage, they will be surprised you aren’t charging more; therefore, you will have achieved incontestable value.” As well as looking after its clients, Prominence Global strives to maintain a work-life balance culture for its loyal team. Given that the team is spread across five countries, it is essential for them to feel connected, yet autonomous, at all times. When recruiting for new talent, the company describes the job available as a role with purpose, where candidates can utilise their skills and expertise. In return for their time and energy, they will have the opportunity to work alongside Adam, one of the world’s most sought-after international keynote speakers, as well as our clients across the globe to implement world-class lead generation strategies and build their personal brands. “It’s a role where you get the chance to engage with exceptionally motivated and successful organisations with some serious goals,” enthuses Adam. “It’s perfectly suited to a results-driven, experienced individual who loves to focus on results. A stickler for detail and accuracy who will be supported by an impactful team, with a global reach where anything is possible!” Recently, as testament to the dedication and commitment that Adam and the entire team have shown to clients through their hard work, Prominence Global was named Most Innovative Social Media Marketing Company 2023 in the Australian Enterprise Awards. As the future beckons, Adam has further plans of growth on the cards, including embarking on a live event tour across Australia and New Zealand with no less than seven live events planned for the main towns and cities. These free-to-attend events are designed to be an all-day immersion into all of the features of the LinkedIn platform and strategies that work best. Adam finalises, “Our long-term mission is to have a positive impact on those less fortunate. Our goal is to help 12 million people have something to smile about each day. To date, we have surpassed nine million smiles on the way to that target!” Contact: Adam Houlahan Company: Prominence Global Web Address: Most Innovative Social Media Marketing Company 2023 Jan23673 Image Credit: Urupong -