Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

May22239 With 10 individual pieces, zero rules, and endless possibilities, the NooK Play Sofa is imagination unlimited. One minute it’s a sofa... the next it’s an obstacle course... and then a cubby house. And that’s all before lunch time! We find out more about NooK and its fascinating journey as we speak to co-creator, Olivia Rudomino, following the company being bestowed with a prestigious award. In the early days of the March 2020 lockdown, Olivia and Patrick Rudomino were inspired by watching their three children play. Cushions, pillows, and blankets became forts, caves, and a quiet retreat to escape. But then there was the mess and the missing sofa cushions that came with it! The family started their search for the perfect piece of furniture that didn’t just take up space, but actually complemented it. They wanted something that was safe and cosy but also allowed their children to explore their creativity and to play independently. When the couple couldn’t find it, they drew on Patrick’s background with luxury brands and Olivia’s experience in product management, to create a brand that is now loved in more than 20,000 homes around Australia. The original NooK Play Sofa has now grown into a range of ‘extras’ including the Arch Roller, Wedge Tail, Lily Pad and Blox, all available in 36 different fabric options. Last year saw the launch of the first and only play sofa frame in the world – the NooK Nest – designed to give more structure to the NooK Play Sofa as well as ensuring a more “grown up” friendly space. The recent launch of the Lily Pad foam beanbags and the Oasis Play Mats has seen NooK extend further to become a well-rounded children’s furniture solution. “From the outset we have been focused on innovation and quality,” explains Olivia. “We have at all stages sought to create new and exciting products that we feel add something different to the modular furniture landscape – this is why the NooK design is now the most copied play furniture brand in the world!” From the very beginning, the dynamic duo have been committed to manufacturing their products in Australia, using only the very finest materials. The fabric is commercial grade, the foam has the best safety and environmental credentials possible, and the zips are made to last. “Put it all together and you’ve got quality products that will stand the test of time,” Olivia delights. “And it’s not just our materials that are superior. Our construction process is also very purposeful and includes premium elements like top stitching on every seam and overlocked edges on our Ultra Weave and Outdoor fabrics. From cutting to sewing and quality control, it all happens at our Northern Beaches factory.” The firm’s dedication to excellence in design ensures that products are supremely versatile with a capacity to be used in multi-purpose ways that improve on different living scenarios. With an explosion of play furniture companies over the past two years, the sector has become very crowded. While this brings more choice for the customer, Olivia and Nick have found that the company’s focus on quality in both production and design has ensured it has continued to grow and maintain its dominant market share position. It is this level of design and quality that consistently sets NooK apart from other competing brands that have entered the space since the company launched as the Original Australian Play Furniture in 2020. “While the disruption of the Covid period has been significant, we have been able to ensure consistency through manufacturing here in Australia and being extremely conscious of our supply chain for raw materials.” NooK is a family business with family business values. From the kids to the dogs, the entire Rudomino family all lives and breathes NooK and takes great pride in what it has achieved together. As a tight-knit working team, who all enjoy the excitement of producing fun and interesting products, it’s easy to strive for excellence, and every employee in the company works towards a common goal. “Creating a culture of excellence has been extremely rewarding and it keeps our team striving to achieve,” Olivia continues. “We are conscious to only employ team members with the same eye for detail and desire to create to the highest standard – this is the same goal across design, production, and customer service.” Recently, NooK gained international recognition as it was named in the Australian Enterprise Awards 2023 as Best Children’s Furniture & Indoor Play Products Brand. NooK has begun exporting it’s Australian Made quality products across five countries including US, UK, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Singapore, and they are looking forward to further growth as the firm expands its product offering around the world. “Our focus remains on NooK quality and on all products being produced in our Sydney-based factory and shipped across the globe with love!” Contact: Olivia Rudomino Company: My Nook Pty Limited Web Address: THE ORIGINAL AUSTRALIAN PLAY SOFA Best Children’s Furniture & Indoor Play Products Brand 2023 Jan23674