Australian Enterprise Awards 2022

58 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2022 Having flourished for over three decades, CraftAlive is Australia’s most extensive craft event series with events across ACT, NSW, QLD, TAS, SA, and VIC. Accredited as the Best Craft Event Agency of 2022, CraftAlive hosts consumer events that feature craft designers and teachers from across the country, coving a range of crafts and products withmodern and traditional influences. CraftAlive was established to provide the sewing and craft community with event experiences through a diversified scope of brands, including The Papercraft Show, The Australian Machine Quilting Festival, Quiltopia, The Great International Craft Show and of course, CraftAlive. The foundation of the organisation was to arrange everything so that national and local experts could be featured at these events, in where the latest craft supplies, kits and equipment could be located. These consumer events would showcase patchwork, papercraft, scrapbooking, quilting, stitchery, cake decorating, and beading, to name a few, with more services scattered across locations and throughout the year. Moreover, CraftAlive provides hands-on events with interactive classes that run to allow customers to learn from worldclass specialists for a chance to embrace new skills and interests or finely tailor their hobbies passions. Established over 32 years ago, CraftAlive is officially the largest and longest-running craft event services within Australia. It has most notably been regarded as the best – a long-standing reputation that flourishes every year. Due to its innate nature to be flexible and innovative, when Covid-19 began taking its toll within Australia, CraftAlive was able to pivot quickly and was the first business worldwide to deliver an online craft event that would aid the sewing and craft community. As a result, CraftAlive created a strong reputation that placed the organisation firmly online. Brett adds to this, stating, “CraftAlive events have evolved and developed platforms to offer the industry a multifaceted event experience. Thus, enabling retailers to interact with consumers at events both in-person and online, and offer the general public more diverse learning and shopping experience.” Manager Director Brett Dowling expands on this point by adding, “Our online event titled The Great International Craft Show (GICS) features an online shopping hall, extensive online classes in an interactive setting, door prizes and displays. The Craft Events team successfully delivered 12 GICS online events in 20202021. This online event series now runs parallel with physical events, taking the physical event experience to a new level.” Established as a family-run business, CraftAlive is founded by a small yet committed team dedicated to supporting the creative community with classes, experience, expertise, and fun. Led by a group of loving, passionate and talented individuals, CraftAlive is humbled and honoured to be recognised as the Best Craft Event Agency of the year. Moreover, what aids in the success and reputation of the organisation is precisely what sets it apart from competitors – its open and honest internal culture. Brett adds briefly to this and says, “With extensive experience, we work with all aspects of the industry from international brands, Guilds, grassroots business and groups.” The organisation can do so simply because of its gleaming foundation instilled from within the business to its customers. Since its establishment and following on to the new year, CraftAlive has been providing ground-breaking innovation and has added live streaming both into and from physical events. titled Further more, The Great International Craft Show has a diverse video library compiled over the last two years comprises of over 950 classes. Furthermore, as an extension of Craft Alive, the Craft Alive Exhibitor Family is an added event containing Australia’s most talented craft and sewing retailers and designers. It is an event unlike any other and is renowned for its thoughtful creativity and the hardworking efforts of every passionate individual that comes to these events as a professional creative or supporter. With the organisation taking on a new shape and platform, the sewing and craft community couldn’t be in better hands – in fact, they have the Best Craft Event Agency looking out for them in 2022 and beyond. Company Name: Craft Events Pty Ltd Contact Name: Brett Dowling Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected] Best Craft Event Agency 2022