Australian Enterprise Awards 2022

APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2022 59 , Our pets deserve a premiumproduct, and a premiumproduct is what the teamat Cezar’s Choice delivers each and every time. They have become renowned for going above and beyond for our furry friends. In APAC Insider’s Australian Enterprise Awards, the teamhas been proud to achieve breath-taking success. We dig a little deeper to discover more. The journey to providing the premier product for pets throughout Australia is one which was built on a desire to offer something totally different. The use of artificial ingredients has become rife within certain pet food companies and the Cezar’s Choice team knew that they could offers something better. With an approach that puts quality above all else, it’s little wonder that they have achieved such industry wide notoriety. With food that is both nutritious and delicious, it’s little wonder that animals of all kinds love the products made by the Cezar’s Choice team. Each line of Australian Pet Food Manufacturer of the Year 2022 products is deftly adapted to suit the unique requirements of your favourite creature, with options including dogs, chickens, lorikeets, parrots, and other small birds. These foods are the ideal supplement for your beloved friends, leaving them keen and eager for more every time! When you buy from Cezar’s Choice, you buy pet food with a difference. At the heart of every meal eaten by your pampered pooch or favoured feline is a balanced diet full of all the ingredients that they might need to grow and to stay active. Animals really can taste the difference and what you get from the Cezar’s Choice team is the perfect array of options to satisfy even the most discerning of pets. The team at Cezar’s Choice have made it their mission to push the boundaries of what is possible when it comes to pet food. Their new process for Cezar’s Choice dry food diets goes a long way to making delectable delights. All raw materials, the vitamins, minerals and probiotics that your animals love, are mixed, moistened and processed without steam directly through a special extruder. With a temperature that never rises above 85 degrees Celsius, there’s no need for flavour to be added as no flavour is lost. The natural smells are quite enough to tantalise any animal into sampling more than their fair share! The impact of a fulfilling meal is not to be underestimated, with the Cezar’s Choice team always making sure that their products act as a way of getting a comprehensive diet. Every bite is a bite further to silky coats, trim physiques and oodles of energy just waiting to be harnessed. The unique expertise of the team has transformed the lives of so many well-loved animals, simply through providing a diet that is a cut above the rest. There can be little argument that this is a business where the results speak for themselves. Company: Cezar’s Choice Name: Michael Vojtek Email: [email protected] Jan22578