Australian Enterprise Awards 2022

APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2022 57 , SAARMedia and Entertainment Pty Ltd is recognised as the primary destination for highquality digital marketing for small tomediumbusinesses around Australia. Their mission is to demonstrate care, honesty, integrity, and build trust with its clients while driving results. SAAR’s vision is to help business owners free up their time – thereby exceeding their potential and creating a scalable business through digital marketing. Overall, SAAR is breaking the normof what industry professionals and individuals across the globe believe a typical digital marketing agency is. At SAAR Media, the company is dedicated and passionate about supporting business owners who should be getting the customers they deserve. Founded in 2015, SAAR was established to offer business owners the best results on the market while simultaneously keeping costs affordable. Accredited as a professional digital marketing business, SAAR offers its customers high-quality and customisable services. With digital marketing and branding, it can allow business owners to create scalable enterprises to all while exceeding potential and freeing up time to do the things they love most – growing their business. Founder and Director Dav Lippasaar expands on this, “We built a trustworthy, vetted team focused on excellence innovation, and we always act with integrity. Our team of experts is handpicked for our client’s projects to ensure the best results, and also excited to become part of the business’s growth. Together, we can help achieve our client’s goals and help them create their ideal life on their terms. A better business starts at SAAR.” SAAR is run by talented, experienced and professional individuals who specialise in helping entrepreneurs, Most Trusted Digital Marketing Agency - Victoria new business owners, and organisations take their first leap into the market. With the company’s elite expertise, SAAR Media can turn that leap into genuine success. Dav adds to this, stating, “Unlike many marketing agencies, we don’t hold back knowledge, and we will only suggest what is best for our client’s business instead of what would give us the best profits. As a result, when our clients work with SAAR Media, we become an extended part of their team – an end-to-end brand and marketing service for any business needs.” For SAAR, clients are often collected from word-of-mouth referrals – this is because the company can take great care of their clients and what differentiates them in a code of business against competitors. Dav describes the culture of SAAR Media as, enthusing, “We live and breathe our values. We truly care about our client’s success and want to see them reach their goals. Therefore, we focus on our clients and helping them reach their goals instead of the service features (which every agency has) and sales focus. We always guide our clients to do what is best for them, not our bottom line.” Expanding on Dav’s comment, SAAR sets itself apart and created surging success for the company and clients by dedicating itself to providing unmatched services at unbeatable prices with unlimited expertise, experience and commitment to ensuring a client’s business is thoroughly looked after. Unlike many other digital marketing agencies in Australia, despite the mainstream economic downfall of the pandemic, SAAR was growing significantly and rapidly. Dav states, “We kept achieving our sales goals and were constantly exceeding previous benchmarks.” Thus, by establishing itself as a strongly innovative digital marketing agency, SAAR has been able to understand the most recent trends within the industry. Dav develops on this point, commenting, “Marketing has always been a data-driven service, but it’s much more critical now, with the consumer’s expectations rising in the last few years. We are now expecting to customise services, messages, and advertising based on our interests and traits. Individualisation is what makes a great marketing strategy, and data analytics is the main driving force for that.” For SAAR, the company has adapted to these developments by using emerging technologies such as AI data, advanced tracking reports, and even virtual connections. Therefore, SAAR has been able to evolve with the ever-changing market and is privileged to provide additional support during the change of industry trends and lead the market. Currently, for SAAR, the company is excited to implement future growth and find new ways to excel and expand its reach. Dav ends the article by sharing his final statement, “We believe in continuous learning and equipping our skills and knowledge so we can better our service offering for our clients. We also believe in diversity as one of our values, so we aim to include more team members, clients, industries, and interests in our company. Finally, we also want to give back – we have a passion for helping those in need, and we are setting up ways to give back to the community we live in.” With the aim to make digital marketing more accessible for small to medium business owners, Dav and his team at SAAR is steadily increasing its reputation – succeeding quickly as Victoria’s Most Trusted Digital Marketing Agency. Company: SAAR Media Name: Dav Lippasaar Email: [email protected] Web Address: Feb22135