Australian Enterprise Awards 2020

6 APAC / 2020 Australian Enterprise and Learning Services Provider, ensuring that clients are learning from not only the best, but those who have committed to walk the talk, and also give back their experience and knowledge to their trainees. The firm is also a proud founding member of the Australasian Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), and fully embraces the ISO 26000 Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Standard for Guidance. As though those credentials alone weren’t enough, ACI Global is also a leading partner with the CMMI® Institute, administering a wide variety of improvement training and appraisal programs. Each program is carefully designed to enable organisations to elevate and benchmark performances across a range of critical business capabilities, including product development, service excellence, workforce management, data management, supplier management, and cybersecurity. Any learning model has to follow a set guide of principles in order to work best for the deliverer and the recipient, ensuring that the absolute best knowledge is being imparted and absorbed. The ACI Global learning model, as well as being based on a simple and cost- effective process, is also grounded in seven key principles; business ethics, recognition of prior learning and capability, transparency, process approach, values, culture and sustainability, and outcomes-based learning. With these seven key principles in mind, any client in search of professional and educational development for organisations can certainly find it here with ACI Global. Business ethics are important in many industries, but ensuring that clients can learn in a safe and ethical environment can make the education process a lot smoother and more enjoyable for everyone taking part. Just one of the ways in which ACI Global seeks to be a more ethical education provider is by not enhancing the price of training courses by having them certified unnecessarily by third-party organisations. By keeping costs low, the firm can continue to ensure that same level of accessibility for many clients looking to enrol in a learning course.