Australian Enterprise Awards 2020

5 APAC / 2020 Australian Enterprise g verification of competency and sustainability will inevitably enhance employee satisfaction, as well as economic viability for business professionals and their organisations. Achieving a vision of delivering nothing but the best in educational learning courses for professional development is no small feat, but one that the team at ACI Global is prepared to meet head-on every single day. How exactly does the team at ACI Global meet these challenges? First and foremost, the team’s culture and determination to see the firm succeed. Everyone works on the same page, and contributes towards the goal of delivering educational excellence. It also helps that the whole team benefits from the vision of the leadership at the firm, in particular that of managing director and CEO, Ian Erskine. An experienced senior executive with more than thirty years’ executive management experience, Mr Erskine understands better than most the value in having a professionally trained and certified workforce. As well as being a Fellow Member of the Institute of Managers and Leaders FIML and a and a Senior Member of the American Society of Quality ASQ, Mr Erskine can draw on a far-reaching network of talented individuals to ensure the service ACI Global delivers is truly top-notch. Mr Erskine also provides specialist advice, analysis, planning, and implementation of unique tools designed to significantly lift the growth and profitability of medium- to-large enterprises. Throughout his career, Mr Erskine’s knowledge and services have proven irreplaceable in taking businesses to the next level, through a well-educated workforce and exemplary corporate responsibility and sustainability practices. Providing professional business services to a wide range of industries and organisations, ACI Global seeks to drive sustainable success for its clients through a smarter and more cost-effective alternative to traditional certification and accreditation services. In accordance with ISO 21001:2018 (EOMS) and ISO 29993:2017, ACI Global is an International Training