Australian Enterprise Awards 2020

7 APAC / 2020 Australian Enterprise g ACI Global Recognising that not everyone brings the same level of prior learning, competence, and capability when approaching a new learning course, ACI Global ensures that every participant is assessed prior to the commencement of any course. By understanding where each client is coming from uniquely, the course can provide the necessary tools for those at varying skill levels, rather than assume and leave clients feeling understandably disappointed or left out. Transparency is vital before any course even begins. How many times have unsuspecting clients bought a product, enrolled on a course, or invested in a service, only to then find out later on that it is not what you thought it was? Ensuring this doesn’t happen, ACI Global’s learning and training courses boast full transparency, with a full and detailed overview of each course provided prior to purchase. It is also imperative that these courses hold value, as the courses at ACI Global do. Each candidate is offered a comprehensive three-year “Continuous Professional Development Guarantee” across all courses. The team also follow up with successful candidates through the Accelerating Continuous Improvement (ACI) Program, and ensure that the organisations benefitting from the training are sustainable. As well as the focus on the individual taking part, all of the course that ACI Global offer also embrace Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability throughout, in accordance with ISO 26000 Social Responsibility guidelines. Finally, the completion of the learning course. The training has been done, and now it is time to put it into practice with the accreditations and certifications that come included. All courses, upon successful completion, award the student with a diploma and/or a certificate of competence. Together with a Lead Appraiser or Mentor, students can further develop their organisational capability, maturity, and sustainability. Whilst the seven aforementioned principles are key to the courses themselves, the benefits of ISO Personal Learning for both business professionals and their participating organisations are numerous. As part of each training course, participants can access secure online portals which house the latest standards, industry updates, news, and mentoring services which are all in full conformance with the relevant privacy laws. Part of what makes ACI Global’s training courses so appealing to so many is that the learning and training is delivered by an ISO training and personal certification provider, equipped with all the necessary knowledge to ensure a great learning experience. All learning materials, including ISO standards, are included with no added cost, and participants can enjoy full access to a comprehensive online library of support materials. Comfort is also vitally important to the learning experience, and the courses can be approached in a number of flexible ways. Course participants can undertake their chosen course either online or inhouse, with no time limits set for completion of the course. Utilising the involvement of a known organisation and a helpful, facilitator or mentor, participants can learn at their own pace to ensure that all the information is properly absorbed and retained for future use. That facilitator or mentor brings a minimum of twenty years’ business experience within the relevant industry or field of study, to ensure the knowledge is nothing less than exceptional at all times. In all, it’s impossible to understate the value of education, and the importance of continuing to learn beyond the endpoint of traditional schooling. As a provider of this service, ACI Global excels in making sure that every aspect of the learning experience is one that allows for the effective construction of knowledge and wisdom, no matter what the subject area. When the system is so well established, it means that course participants can focus on what truly matters – learning how to be even better or being able to be an overachiever. Contact Details Company: ACI Global Contact: Ian T Erskine Website: