Australian Enterprise Awards 2019

47 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2019 , Quad Services Pty Ltd Commercial Cleaning Services Provider of the Year 2019 Mar19249 Australian owned and operated, Quad Services Pty Ltd provides award-winning cleaning and facilities management services to clients throughout Australia and NewZealand. To celebrate the firm’s success in this year’s Australian Enterprise Awards we profile the firmand share an insight into the range of services it has to offer. Established in 1972, Quad has stable long-term ownership with strong senior management and operations teams. Through organic growth, the firm has become a significant provider of quality cleaning, security and maintenance services across Australia. Supporting commercial clients across both the private and public sectors, Quad has alot of experience working with everyone from hospitals and healthcare providers through to office managers and beyond. Each and every client receives the same exceptional support and service to ensure that their needs are met. Services offered by Quad’s diverse and dynamic team including cleaning, security, building maintenance, pest control and waste management. This vast range of services helps the firm to achieve its mission: to help its valued clients improve the quality of their environment by delivering a world-class cleaning and associated services. Central to Quad’s success over the years has been its ability to attract and retain some of the best talent in the industry. To ensure that these staff feel supported and are able to offer clients the very highest possible quality support and service, Quad endeavours to engage staff members who will embrace its corporate culture. This culture is built on providing a safe, sustainable and happy workplace for employees across all facets of the business, from cleaners through to the firm’s CEO. As part of this, Quad strives to establish high social, environment and ethical standards. Induction into Quad Services includes the ethics of the Quad Code of Conduct as part of the firm’s drive to achieve a culture of competence, openness, trust and integrity in all business practices. Fundamentally, it is the firm’s belief that treating their staff fairly, with respect and care for their wellbeing and encouraging behaviours and actions consistent with these standards and values cultivates the development of a team that provides a quality service to its clients in a spirit of trust and partnership. Overall, since inception Quad has gained incredible success and become a key player in the Australian cleaning market. Looking to the future, Quad’s business plan is to continue this growth through the expansion of their network of local operations management teams, and to then partner with their clients by providing a cost-effective solutions and continually improving our services. In addition to growth and expansion, the firm’s focus in the future will be on further contribution to the community in which it operates. The team will be introducing new programmes and initiatives to support Indigenous businesses in its supply chain and to improve the diversity in its workforce. These developments will ensure a bright and prosperous future for this dynamic and innovative company. “Supporting a range of commercial clients across both the private and public sectors, each and every client receives the same exceptional support and services to ensure that all their needs and requirements are met.” Contact Details: Company: Quad Services Pty Ltd Address: 12 Carlotta Street, Artarmon NSW 2064 Telephone Number: 1300 782 394 Web Address: