Australian Enterprise Awards 2019

46 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2019 , Powerflo Solutions Best Oil & Gas Plant Valves & Instruments Supplier 2019: Powerflo Solutions Mar19072 “Providing cutting-edge support and solutions that meet their clients needs in the Oil & Gas, Plant Valves & Instruments industry.” Contact Details: Company: Powerflo Solutions | Contact: Kathryn Wood-Enriquez Website: Powerflo Solutions sells, manufactures and supports a wide range of high-quality Engineered Control Valves, Safety Devices and Process Instrumentation serving virtually every industry in which liquids or gases are controlled or measured. To celebrate the firm’s success in this year’s Australian Enterprise Awards we profile it to learnmore about the history behind the award- winning solutions it offers today. Formed in 2005 Powerflo Solutions, as a joint venture between Austral Engineering Supplies who had commenced business in 1911 with the venture bringing together the contract engineering and technical expertise of both companies. As such, today Powerflo Solutions is able to provide one-stop shopping for a complete range of high end Valving and Process Instrumentation that is engineered to solve the most difficult applications within power; oil and gas; petrochemical; mining; water and wastewater; and, pulp and paper industries. Since the beginning the firm’s philosophy has been to provide “Smart Service” , which means that its deliverables must incorporate a strong engineering capability, a technical understanding of the current Australian Standards, competent contract management and proficient after-sales support. As such, the company has been able to provide cutting edge technical solutions that are well- engineered for long term reliability and control performance through experience, process knowledge and understanding, with-in local service and a commitment to deliver its service. Together with its already established local manufacture of Safety Relief Valves, its FICO range of Diaphragm Seals and Manometers, and Custom- Engineered Control Valves, Powerflo Solutions is committed to providing Australian industry with a 100% owned and operated Australian manufactured solution. As part of this firms focus, the firm’s team of Professional Sales and experienced Application Engineering people is dedicated to providing their valued clients with the best engineered solution for each application. The team take a diversified approach by supplying a mix of standard and specialty custom-engineered products, are all backed by the firm’s extensive repair/service capabilities which operate throughout Australia and Asia- Pacific. Overall, since it was first created Powerflo Solutions has achieved incredible success, and looking ahead the firm will aim to enhance this for the benefit of its clients, both existing and potential.