Australian Enterprise Awards 2019

48 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2019 , Platform9 Platform9 and Intersect Partner to Bring SaaS-powered Unified Cloud to Australia and New Zealand “Our partnership with Intersect is an important step in our company growth strategy,” Partnership provides research organisations and large enterprises in Australia and in NewZealand a proven path to then accelerate cloud adoption andmodernize IT infrastructure with the leading SaaS-managed hybrid cloud platform that ensures 99.9%SLAwithout a operational burden. Platform9 ( , the leader in SaaS-managed hybrid cloud, and research accelerator Intersect ( , has recently announced a strategic partnership to offer Platform9 hybrid cloud services throughout Australia and New Zealand. Intersect is Australia’s largest full-service eResearch support agency, helping scientific, university, government and research institutes accelerate their impact through innovative technologies and expert advice for over a decade. “For Intersect, Platform9 represents the single most strategic solution to a set of challenges we see expanding across the board, as organisations come to terms with the post- cloud reality of infrastructure-as-a-service,” said Marc Bailey, CEO of Intersect. Platform9 is the industry’s only SaaS- managed Hybrid Cloud solution that enables organisations to centrally manage VMs, containers and serverless functions – on any infrastructure: on-premise, in the public cloud, or at the edge. Customers can simply ‘plug-in’ their different environments (spanning Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Dell VMWare, OpenStack, bare metal and more), and be up and running immediately with a unified cloud experience managed on a single pane of glass across all workloads. Platform9 eliminates the operational burden of managing modern infrastructure at scale by delivering it as a fully managed service. Critical operational capabilities — such as zero-touch upgrades, multi-cluster operations, high availability, monitoring, diagnostics, healing and more — are all handled automatically with a 99.9 percent SLA guarantee. “Our partnership with Intersect is an important step in our company growth strategy,” said Keno Helmi, Chief Revenue Officer here at Platform9. “We’ve seen a huge increase in demand for our solution in Australia and New Zealand. We were impressed by Intersect’s vision, technical expertise, and the trust they have established amongst their sophisticated customer base. We’re excited to cement our partnership, in order to deliver the experience of ‘hybrid cloud that just works’ to the region.” Intersect will supply and support Platform9 managed services - Managed OpenStack (for virtualization), Kubernetes (for containers) and (for serverless functions) in Australia and New Zealand with guaranteed SLAs, uptime, quotas, compliance and resource monitoring. Western Sydney University Chief Information and Digital Officer, Kerry Holling, commented: “Western and Intersect have a long history of effective collaboration. Intersect technology and service already underpin the Western Research Cloud which supports the majority of our researchers and their projects. With an increasingly cloudy technical future and the transition to our Atlas cloud for non-research needs, I am excited about the synergies Intersect will deliver with commercial partners like Platform9.” “This partnership delivers for Australian and New Zealand customers new and innovative services that dramatically decrease cloud time-to-market while improving efficiency, reducing cost, and improving service experience--at scale. It delivers for Intersect members by building technical bridges and reusability between industry, government and research,” concluded Bailey.