South East Asia Business Awards 2023

South East Asia Awards 2023 | 9 finance system, human resource management system, and integrated processes. This is in conjunction with packages that are affordable, offering up to 40% savings compared to in-house hiring. The packages are also scalable, so as as to cater for small SMEs or larger SMES, and often allow the allimportant opportunity for InTune to grow alongside the business enterprise. Over the course of the last 15 years, InTune has established a full setup with a team of qualified and experienced professionals. They include chartered accountants, financial specialists, and tax consultants, all dedicated to the growth of Malaysian businesses. InTune has a diverse multi-cultural team who can communicate in English, Mandarin, and Bahasa Malaysia (Malay). This means they are uniquely situated to better understand the needs of the South East Asian SMEs business requirements. InTune also has established associate partners that can support SME clients with legal, audit, tax, company secretarial, funding, and listing needs, enabling a centralised point of support. Finally, InTune has international exposure with clients from the UK, Australia, Singapore, and Indonesia, in addition to Malaysia. Within the industry, it is apparent that recruitment and human resource issues are the cause of challenges in Malaysia. It’s not only a case of employee costs constantly rising, but also the ability to look for the right talent in the first place, something that is fraught with difficulties. To combat this, InTune has developed recruitment programmes to assist in hiring, and has worked closely with SMEs to create talent retention programs. It constantly adjusts and adapts itself to the ever changing business and economic climate, constantly looking for new technologies and/or alternative processes to be able to better serve clients. It recognises that 2023 is a year where high inflation and rising staff costs are continuing to create difficulties for businesses in the post pandemic recovery period, but it is challenging these notions with innovative plans. For example, InTune is hoping to adopt an AI approach, further enhancing its deliverable services to create bigger value in supporting SMEs to expand. In-Tune Business Services has been awarded the title Best SME Accounting & HR Consulting Firm 2023, by the South East Asia Business Awards. Its formidable approach to servicing the needs of small to large scale SMEs, even during challenging times, is something deserving of celebration, so congratulations to the whole team for its implacable dedication. Company: In-Tune Business Services Sdn Bhd Web Address: Contact Name: Lily Yong InTune Incentive trip at Borobodur 2023 InTune Client & Staff Appreciation 2023 InTune Incentive Tour Mt Merapi 2023