South East Asia Business Awards 2023

10 | South East Asia Awards 2023 Inbound Tour Operator of the Year 2023 - Thailand Driving tourism across Malaysia, Thailand, Dubai, and Singapore, Travelvago Co., Ltd. is a leading travel agency offering personalised experience packages to suit customers’ preferences. The company provides comprehensive destination management services, including hotel reservations, meet and assist arrangements, in-resort aid, transportation, vehicle rentals, tours, excursions, and shopping assistance. When they book with Travelvago, customers embark on an inspiring and enriching adventure. Founded by Sooria Prakash and co-founded by Thiruchelvan Balakrishnan, Travelvago is the culmination of their shared vision and relentless pursuit of excellence in the travel sector. Sooria Prakash, serving as the Founder and Managing Director, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the company. His leadership and entrepreneurial spirit have been instrumental in guiding Travelvago's growth and success. Thiruchelvan Balakrishnan, as the Cofounder and Director, has played a pivotal role in shaping the company's strategic direction and fostering valuable partnerships. With offices in Malaysia and Thailand, Travelvago is an inbound travel agency, consistently providing top class hotels, excellent itineraries, and quality tours and services to its esteemed clients. The company delivers an effective onestop solution for destination management, with a team of staff that perfectly handles all proceedings and are onhand to provide assistance throughout the duration of customers’ holidays. Travelvago specialises in planning customised vacations for families, helping adults and children alike make lifelong memories. However, the company can effectively cater to the needs of any customer. Whether they’re looking to plan a thrilling family friendly adventure or a bachelorette party abroad, customers can trust that Travelvago will make the experience unforgettable. No matter the destinations on their dream to-do list, its team will work tirelessly to ensure that their personal itinerary covers it all. Providing affordable prices, perfect places, and personalised services, Travelvago’s primary goal is to drive tourism in its destination countries by attracting potential visitors from across the globe. As well as this, it strives to make customers’ dreams come true by planning and realising their ideal holiday experiences. To achieve these goals, Travelvago is proud to offer unique, high-quality products, which surpass that of its competitors in value for money. For example, it provides a city tour of Bangkok in a premium vehicle, driven by a licensed tour guide. This is offered at the same price as other agencies, who only offer normal vehicles with regular services. Conveniently, the company’s outstanding experiences can be purchased instantly using its website, enabling travellers to save time and book at the last minute if they need to. Dedicated to its customers, Travelvago works hard to provide a deeply personal service. Its excellent team of staff listen carefully to the specific needs and desires of each individual they work with, aiming to provide them with experiences that feel special. Every customer is treated like a VIP, consistently receiving top notch assistance. When people go on holiday, they expect to be able to relax and escape the stress and worries they face in their everyday lives. For this reason, when things go wrong, Travelvago must resolve issues immediately to avoid downtime in customers’ travel experiences. The company understands that individuals spend their hard-earned money to go on vacation and relax, so it prides itself on its ability to create instant solutions to customers’ problems. In order to fully support its customers as they embark on the vacation of their lifetime, the company’s dedicated team are on standby 24/7 to respond to any emergencies and lastminute requests. Each team member is committed to their role, striving to provide them with the best services. This allows both agents and end customers to have peace of mind when they work with Travelvago. To deliver such an excellent standard of service, Travelvago strives to hire individuals who are knowledgeable in travel booking services and software, skilled in problem solving, and have some previous experience in the hospitality and tourism industries. Furthermore, the company is committed to delivering 24/7 support, so it seeks staff members who have flexible availability. However, following the pandemic, Travelvago has