South East Asia Business Awards 2023

8 | South East Asia Awards 2023 Best SME Accounting & HR Consulting Firm 2023 In-Tune Business Services is an outsourcing accounting firm in Malaysia with over 40 years of practice and collective experience. Established in 2007 in Puchong, Kuala Lumpur, it is a business consultancy dedicated to making finance and HR easy for its SME clients. InTune Outsourcing serves the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with customised and scalable finance, payroll, and human resource services. It offers a range of different packages, small, medium, and large, with varying fee options to cater for all levels and needs of SMEs. This means it can grow with its clients, always offering them the appropriate level of services they require. It operates from the understanding that every SME has the capacity to become a large-scale business enterprise. This is a vision that InTune can help make a reality, with its offering to save business owners up to 40% on the cost of hiring and managing in house teams. Doing this provides managers with the freedom to concentrate on core business ideas, safe in the knowledge that the back-end is being taken care of by InTune. Cloud computing solutions are used to support SMEs in their digitalisation efforts, with InTune having integrated processes and systems that are 100% cloud based. Over the course of the previous 15 years, the consultancy has served more than 400 clients from multiple industries. This includes food and beverage, retail, consultation, constructions, coaching, IT companies, real estate and many more. It has several important core values that influences the way it works with clients. This starts with a commitment to a growth mindset, with InTune believing that it is imperative to continually strive for improvement, and upgrade its processes, systems, technologies, and people. This is what helps it grow alongside its clients, knowing that as it flourishes, so too does its clients. InTune has been a pioneer in cloud-based accounting, stretching back long before the COVID-19 pandemic. This meant that when the business world was hit with this particular challenge, InTune was able to ensure 100% of its clients remained unaffected. It was even able to continue supporting the back-end operations for clients during, and despite of, numerous lockdowns. InTune values ownership, taking on a high degree of proprietary stakes when it is engaged by a SME. It holds high delivery standards, specified by service level agreements, ensuring an integrated and seamless outsourcing experience. In addition, performance delivery forms a specific part of InTune’s engagement and client onboarding processes. Teamwork is a further important value asset for InTune. It strongly believes in working as a team, classing the client as an important and integral part of that team, despite being outsourced. It regards collective understanding in collaborative processes, running from front of house through to the back-end, as being what makes things work for clients. Integrity is another extremely important value for InTune, particularly as it deals with highly sensitive information such as payroll and financial data. This makes it crucial for InTune to demonstrate and deliver the highest levels of professionalism in managing the back-end for its clients. It has developed distinct internal audit reviews and segregation of internal controls to ensure the level of integrity is in place is always of the very highest standards. InTune is absolutely committed to its purpose in order to free clients from their back-end challenges. It has high levels of commitment in both delivering and meeting the service level agreement. Over the years, InTune is proud to say that it has grown 3 of its clients to become so large that they are now part of listed or multinational groups. InTune is based in, and operates from, Malaysia, a South East Asia region with its own challenges and opportunities. For example, currently both economically and politically the country is not very stable. Following the COVID-19 pandemic there have been rising costs and thinner margins, with many industries still struggling to fully recover. A lot of extra employment related costs are being passed on to SMEs, such as an increase in minimum wage, an increased amount of maternity and paternity leave, and other additional staff costs that are being recommended. It is also currently very challenging to look for and find suitable talent to hire. On the other hand, there are certainly opportunities to be found for InTune working out of Malaysia. For instance, although staff might be hard to find, there is definitely a noticeable rise in the requirement for businesses to turn to outsourcing as an alternative. SMEs are certainly becoming more open to InTune Outsourcing, given the current circumstances. InTune Outsourcing is unique in many different ways that sets it apart from its competitors. There’s its 100% cloud-based May23253 “We tailor our services for each individual client based on the current needs as well as the future goals of the business. Our goal is to help you set up a solid foundation that leads to growth, whilst always remaining in tune with the needs of your business.”