South East Asia Business Awards 2023

South East Asia Awards 2023 | 21 Mar22270 Mayr223257807 Following its establishment as Australia’s No. 1 pharmacy retail group, Chemist Warehouse sought to expand its horizons to continue delivering fantastic products at discounted prices. Now, with an overwhelming presence throughout South East Asia, it’s set the standard of beauty product pricing and selection within Lazada Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines. With over 600 global stores spanning throughout Australia and South East Asia, Chemist Warehouse has taken steps towards delivering great savings through competitive pricing. Its catalogue is comprised of some of the most notable brands, granting people from all stretches of the globe the chance to enjoy some of the best beauty products that the industry has to offer, without having to break the bank to get their hands on them. As a collective, Chemist Warehouse is fully focused on enhancing a customer’s healthcare through the most effective and efficient means, and ensures that this quality of life isn’t held behind a steep paywall. As a result, it provides a multitude of fantastic savings that first earned it the title of Australia’s No. 1 pharmacy retail group, and it’s this dedication towards presenting low costs for high quality products that really sets it apart. Despite having a presence within Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines for only three years, Chemist Warehouse is equipped with a wealth of experience that lends to its intrinsic understanding of the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. Thanks to its eight years of trading within China, it’s been able to replicate its previous success within new markets, without once having to sacrifice its initial goals and ambitions. This all culminates in a health and beauty retailer that is constantly seeking to outdo itself with each passing quarter. It holds an immense passion for the products it sells, and takes great pride in the accessibility it’s given to those who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to purchase well-known Australian health and beauty products. By bringing these brands to markets within South East Asia, it’s able to fulfil its promise – to broaden the horizons of customers from across the globe, all whilst adhering to affordability and efficiency. As a result of its inception within Australia, Chemist Warehouse is incredibly unique. It holds an acute awareness of how sought after Australian products are, due to the frequent innovations that take place within its health and beauty sphere. Australia is full of natural resources whose properties can be harnessed in a multitude of ways, however, the products that are concocted from the country’s natural landscape are often difficult to obtain elsewhere because of this exclusivity. This is what led to Chemist Warehouse’s eagerness to establish itself within South East Asia. There were a variety of people crying out for access to these innovative, Australian health and beauty products, but they simply had no means of procuring them. Chemist Warehouse stepped in to ensure that these cries didn’t go unanswered, and the result is an award-winning retailer that’s able to masterfully combine great prices with highly coveted products. This, partnered with its overwhelming dedication towards the communities it operates within, has presented Chemist Warehouse with unique opportunities that have geared it towards defining the future of the market. Not only does it seek to develop even more new and efficient ways to access its products, but through working alongside many social media influencers within China, it holds the potential to cultivate robust partnerships that’re sure to stand the test of time. South East Asia is a sector of the globe that’s brimming with potential, and Chemist Warehouse is at the forefront of contributing towards the success of an already popular market. Its selection of products is beyond impressive, but what truly allows it to thrive is its dedication towards delivering accessible, affordable products that’re of the utmost quality. We can’t wait to see where it goes from here. Contact: Ferdy Juan Halim Bong Company: Chemist Warehouse Web Address: International Health & Beauty Retailer of the Year 2023