South East Asia Business Awards 2023

22 | South East Asia Awards 2023 Based in Jakarta, PT IndonesiaWISE (IndonesiaWISE) is a leading strategic advisory and management consulting firm that provides a range of support in both talent management and development. It ensures that multinationals and domestic companies alike are operating effectively within their industries, all to work towards securing a legacy for each and every client. Its overarching goal is to make a positive difference for its clients through applying its professional expertise, and we explore how it achieves such a feat. IndonesiaWISE: Organization Development and Talent Management Champions 2023 As a key constituent of the EmergingWISE Group, IndonesiaWISE delivers exceptional service to its vast array of clients. From large corporations to small enterprises and institutions, IndonesiaWISE sets out with a clear goal in mind – to apply all of its experience and expertise to deliver on every promise it makes. As a result, clients are able to partake in a collaborative effort that’s wholly centered around garnering success for each individual involved. Combine this with an unerring set of core principles, and you’ve got a collective that’s able to guarantee brilliance again and again. However, what makes IndonesiaWISE truly special is its prowess in assisting clients in seeing the bigger picture within their businesses. It provides frequent inputs that can help to predict changes in trends, competitors, and customer expectations, which ultimately allows for its clients to be suitably prepared for when said evolutions emerge. This, partnered with a combined understanding of how to marry core issues with critical problem-solving, grants it with the unique opportunity to deliver tailored services that’re customised for its clients. This isn’t the only way in which IndonesiaWISE shines, however. One of its most defining characteristics is its ability to spot talented individuals among the crowd, and how to refine these people into becoming their best selves. IndonesiaWISE specialises in identifying areas that could use that little extra assistance, and proceeds to coach, mentor, and manage pre-existing talents as a means to craft a consistent pool of expertise. Fostering brilliance is what IndonesiaWISE does best, and it’s this irrefutable fact that keeps clients coming back for more. Following its success in 2019, wherein the founder and CEO of IndonesiaWISE, Amol Titus, was awarded with the Special Milestone Achievement Award for Coaching and Mentoring 10,000 Indonesian youths, the company continues to extend its outreach to touch the lives of more and more individuals. Its progress is ever evolving, and this is all thanks to the keen insight of each member of its exceptional team. Running a company is never an easy venture, but IndonesiaWISE is at the forefront of ensuring that each collaborator has the best of the best at their disposal. It seeks out where improvements can be made, and maximises the potential of every staff member to guarantee quality results for its clients. Regardless of the individuals that it’s faced with, IndonesiaWISE will analyse a precise way to improve upon already-great foundations and make them into something spectacular. It seems as though IndonesiaWISE has many plans for the future, but, for now, it still remains the championing business when it comes to recognising and managing talent in new and exciting ways. Its refreshing approach towards the field is inspiring, and we’re excited to see where it goes from here. Contact: Amol Titus Company: PT IndonesiaWISE Web: Jun23032 CEO of EmergingWISE Group Amol Titus is inspiring breakthrough Organizational Development and Talent Management across ASEAN region