South East Asia Business Awards 2023

20 | South East Asia Awards 2023 Jan22686 Feb22538 Chalked is an interior design firm based in Singapore, with expertise in residential and commercial projects. It specialises in show suites and galleries both locally and regionally, bringing a boutique mentality, and a gorgeous high-end finish to all its projects. Chalked Interior Design hopes to capture the freedom of spirit that is reminiscent of drawing with chalk, hence the name. It values spontaneity and expressiveness, inviting clients to ‘make their mark’. Chalked offers design and build services, executed with distinctive and compelling attention to detail, quality and individuality. Its spaces are beautiful, delicate, and balanced by natural colours and tones. Modern, but minimalist; clean lines, and airy spaces are at the heart of Chalked designed spaces. Chalked’s core business involves working with developers to design their key show suites. It has a goal to put its skills to excellent use, not only to make spaces look fabulous, but to improve people’s lives. This might be the lives of the residents, the developers, or the wider community. Chalked also uses its work as a platform to give back to various charities it cares deeply about, so it helps improve even more people’s lives. The company is dedicated to its fundamental values of integrity, reliability, and quality. It takes pleasure in serving its select group of clients with a level of care that is second to none, and meets their needs definitively. The team at Chalked all share a client-centric mindset, evident in the attentive decisions they make. It wants its clients to be delighted and fulfilled by everything the company accomplishes for them and on their behalf. Working in the South East Asia region has its own set of challenges. For example, although it is a region where labour is cost effective and readily available, local government intrusion has made it difficult to navigate. Stricter rules and regulations mean it’s extremely hard to recruit foreign workers, resulting in a huge labour crunch for businesses like Chalked. But, on the positive side, the opportunities and growth trajectory in Singapore has been right on track. This is inclusive of the forecasted incremental property development growth in the region, which is extremely encouraging news. Chalked is very proud of its brilliant and resourceful team members who are the lifeblood of the company. Its people understand the finest details, and pay careful attention to the lifestyle of each client very well. This chimes quite superbly with the company’s strong traits of integrity and reliability. Whenever Chalked is looking for new staff to join its happy team, the specific characteristics it focuses on are humility, integrity, and a positive attitude towards learning. It values such things as it knows they fit ideally alongside the essential care and pride needed to serve the business, and the needs of its clients, in a productive manner. Chalked feels blessed to have arrived where it is today with a team that it can trust, and it hopes to be able to find more like-minded people to join it as it progresses on its meaningful journey. As far as industry trends are concerned, Chalked has noticed clients are becoming more resourceful, and have excellent knowledge about designs and brands they love. As such, Chalked has evolved its services to make its design processes easier to understand, and more transparent for clients. Doing this creates a tremendous synergy and trust, nurturing fun during the design and development period for everyone. Chalked has recently been awarded the Best Interior Design Studio 2023 – Singapore, in the South East Asia Business Awards. This prestigious title is a great honour for this worthy interior studio who produce such beautiful, awe-inspiring spaces. Well done to Chalked, its interiors are outstanding. Company: Chalked Interior Design Web Address: Contact Name: Sandy Tan Best Interior Design Studio 2023 - Singapore May23317