South East Asia Business Awards 2023

South East Asia Awards 2023 | 19 Feb22538 Reeracoen Singapore Pte Ltd is one of Singapore's leading Japanese recruitment agencies. Operating as the overseas arm of Neo Career Group (Japan), Reeracoen has 10 offices in 6 Asian countries and over 11 years of professional recruitment experience. It is a leading staffing and recruitment agency in Asia Pacific, providing executive search services, professional recruitment solutions, expert solution and business support services for companies and job seekers. It maintains extensive networks across Asia to effectively source and match top talents from diverse industries to the best companies. Reeracoen Singapore provides its clients with the most effective recruitment, executive search services, expert solutions and business support services. They seek to “make a change, better tomorrow”, with a mission statement that encompasses creating a wonderful future with those pursuing happiness. Their ultimate goal is to see sporadic dots of happiness grow into everexpanding spiral of happiness because to them, nothing is more fulfilling than seeing a myriad of smiling faces. In their dealings, they pride themselves on the Reeracoen Way. The Reeracoen way consists of 6 specific guiding values that are all anchored on foundational principles: professionalism, respect and perseverance. The first of these is a statement, affirming that ‘I’m here for you’. This value is to reinforce the thinking that it’s not just about what one can do for oneself, but what one can do for others. The company has an intrinsic value of ‘One for All’, and always thinks about how it can contribute to others, whether that be the person directly in front of it, their clients, colleagues, society, and even our planet Earth. The second guiding way is to ‘Respect each other’, which it sees as being particularly crucial as it reaches out to even more corners of the world. Showing openness and respect to other cultures is a core value that is vitally important to Reeracoen. The third value Reeracoen brings to the table is to be a ‘Positive influence’. It believes that approaching things positively encourages a positive future, with every word uttered, and action taken, helping to induce positivity. The fourth value is to simply ‘Be Professional’. It strives to provide a service beyond clients’ expectations, which it believes is achieved by continually questioning what it means to act in a professional manner. The fifth value is about grasping opportunities to take on challenges when they arise. Reeracoen condenses this value aspiration into three simple words, ‘Chance, Challenge, Change!’ Whether responding to changes, or making them, it wants its people to do it fearlessly. The final value Reeracoen promotes is to simply ‘Never, never give up, do your best’. It urges people to always do their best, with its thought pattern being to encourage looking at challenges not from the perspective of whether it’s possible, but from the angle of how to actually make it possible. It believes in sparing no effort when it comes to finding solutions, promoting ‘can do’ attitudes from all. Through use of the Reeracoen Way, the company is committed to preserving and protecting the integrity and confidentiality of both our clients and candidates at all times, by maintaining the highest degree of professional and ethical standards in the recruitment industry. As part of Neo Career group, Reeracoen pledges to deliver the same top-notch service quality across our Asian offices The company aspires to always be there for its clients and candidates whenever they are in doubt or need a hand. Aside from Reeracoen’s wellstructured efforts within the business of recruitment, it is also an advocate for environmental causes. It has invested in numerous sustainable and CSR causes including litter picking excursions led by its group CEO, reducing the usage of plastic straws by gifting clients with metal ones, and in 2003, establishing a non-governmental organisation (NGO) called ‘Plus One’, to help support disadvantaged children in villages across the Philippines and Cambodia. Reeracoen’s efforts have traditionally been aimed squarely at serving the Japanese market in Singapore, but due to demand has recently expanded its focus to include the local and Korean factions in Singapore too. It has also widened its business focal point to include industries in urgent need of support via recruiters, such as banking & finance and fintech. It has also recently launched their expert solution service, allowing clients to leverage on their years of experience, extensive networks and large database of talents/ experts. Hiring top talent, navigating policies and thriving in this current economic climate requires a trusted partner- and that is where Reeracoen can value-add. By providing our clients with a holistic suite of valueadded services, they ensure a hassle-free and seamless end-toend process; whilst ensuring that only top-quality professionals are connected to them. Most Pioneering Recruitment Thought Leader 2023 May23118 With the knowledge and experience required to support employers, candidates and employees, Reeracoen is everready to aid everyone with better recruitment and expert solutions. It’s little wonder it has been awarded the Most Pioneering Recruitment Thought Leader 2023, in the South East Asia Business Awards. Reeracoen’s approach is bold and innovative, really shining a light on what it is to lead by example. “Building on our established track record, we have grown to become the provider of choice for over 12,000 clients and over 1 million talents across AsiaPacific." 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