South East Asia Business Awards 2023

18 | South East Asia Awards 2023 May22239 SK Specialties Sdn Bhd is a manufacturer and supplier of controlled release fertilizer capable of single application benefits. SK Specialties prides itself on utilising the latest technology in polymer coating to provide an innovative and affordable solution to the horticulture and agriculture industry in Malaysia and beyond. Since its inception in 2009, SK Specialities Sdn Bhd has been at the very forefront of the market when it comes to producing highquality, controlled release fertilisers. Based in Malaysia, the company was the pioneering first manufacturer to introduce such fertilisers to the South East Asian market. It has a production capacity of 30,000 tonnes annually, but this is set to rise as SK Specialities has expansion plans currently underway. Such is its commitment to meeting the growing demand for its flagship product, the SK Cote series controlled release fertilisers. By utilising vegetable oil derivatives in its polymer coating, the solution it provides is reliable and sustainable for farmers and gardeners alike. SK Specialties believes that every plant deserves the best possible nourishment, and so its controlled release fertilisers are designed to gradually deliver nutrients over a period of time, resulting in healthier plants and increased yields. It aims to provide customers with a superior quality fertiliser that meets specific needs whilst still being affordable. Its commitment to quality is reflected in its ISO 9001:2015 certification, ensuring the company adheres to the strictest of standards for its manufacturing processes and product quality. SK Specialities’ core values are sustainability, quality, and innovation. It always strives to use sustainable materials and methods in its production processes, promoting a greener future with a constant focus on minimising the environmental impact of both its manufacturing techniques and the materials it uses. It is committed to producing and delivering only the highest quality controlled release fertilisers to promote healthy plant growth. It’s also dedicated to staying at the forefront of technology and research in the field of plant nutrition, constantly seeking new, and innovative ways to improve its product and services. With these core values at the heart of what it does, clients are always assured their needs will be met. SK will even custom make bespoke formulations to cater to clients’ specific plant nutrition needs. There are particular challenges and opportunities to be found for SK Specialities working within the South East Asia region. It realises that Malaysia is something of a unique country where, despite its small land size, domestic fertilizer consumption is comparatively high. This means the domestic market it operates from is stable. It is also located within a strategic position along major trade routes, enabling easy access to international markets. As Malaysia's energy costs are also relatively low, SK Specialities has a major cost advantage compared to other international producers. This also provides excellent opportunities for it to enter new international markets as well. The company works very closely alongside its clients to ensure its product meets their specific needs. The bespoke formulations it offers come without a specific requirement for high volume purchase, as ultimately SK believes, overall, in the importance of helping its clients to achieve the very best results in plant nutrition needs. Its product also comes replete with a biodegradable polymer coating, whereas others in the market do not offer this sustainable option as standard. The culture at SK Specialities values honesty, quality, and teamwork, so naturally these are the qualities the company looks for in any new staff joining the business. As it has a top-down approach, communication is heavily encouraged regarding products, with feedback on quality improvement encouraged. The objective is always to achieve the utmost customer satisfaction, and thus the company culture is built to ensure this attainment. Unfortunately, due to the current unstable economic situation, the demand for fertilizers has dropped off. This has been a challenging situation to tackle, but SK has adapted to it by openly communicating with its clients regarding price trends. The company has adopted a justin-time strategy to minimise its clients exposure to price trends, and also minimise inventory. Its plan is to ensure any current clients are looked after and properly supplied with just enough inventory to meet their needs, whilst keeping prices affordable. Going forwards, the company has intentions to expand, and increase its presence in even more countries. As the recently announced winner of Most Innovative Fertiliser Producer 2023 – Malaysia, there is no doubt this hardworking company will only continue to excel as it broadens its horizons. Company: SK Specialties Sdn Bhd Web: Contact Name: Adrian Wong Most Innovative Fertiliser Producer 2023 - Malaysia May23017