South East Asia Business Awards 2023

South East Asia Awards 2023 | 17 Apr23541 Based in Bangkok, A.M.O Intergroup Co., Ltd. is a home decoration company that designs, develops, and produces sustainable decorations and furniture using local natural materials like bamboo and sugar palm wood. Serving customers that primarily operate within the hospitality, residential, commercial, and interior design spaces, the company offers a stunning range of sustainable and eco-luxe products under the brand name ‘AMO ARTE’. A.M.O Intergroup was founded by Amonthep Kachanonda, an award-winning designer who has spent more than a decade exploring the potential uses of sustainable materials in design. Over the years, he has developed a passion for using bamboo, sugar palm wood, and other local materials to create products that are both attractive and eco-friendly. The endless creative possibilities of these materials are showcased in the AMO ARTE range of designs, which all boast an irresistible natural, organic, and high-end appearance. The brand truly embodies the essence of sustainability, reflecting Amonthep’s commitment to driving the use of natural materials in the creation of high-quality furniture and interior design products. Throughout his career, Amonthep has leveraged the opportunity to learn local methods of craftsmanship, combining this wisdom with his signature use of local materials to promote sustainability across the world. Through this, he has come to understand the environment, culture, and lifestyle associated with the source of his materials. As such, his designs are inspired by the culture and wisdom of his local surroundings, resulting in the creation of beautiful pieces of furniture that are tasteful, natural, and full of life. As a lifestyle product business, A.M.O Intergroup creates unique decorative items that appeal to the lives, passions, and interests of the individuals that use them. To its customer base, the company presents descriptive timelines of product development, aiming to communicate the value and individuality of its items whilst fostering trust in its dedication to sustainability. In this, A.M.O Intergroup does not just intend to market its products, but instead it primarily strives to showcase the environmentally friendly manner in which they are produced. The company believes that more businesses should take sustainability seriously rather than championing it for marketing purposes alone. By choosing to purchase a product designed by AMO ARTE, customers are making a conscious decision to support a brand that genuinely cares about the environment and is committed to making a difference. Those looking to source sustainable furniture and decoration items that are both eye-catching and functional are encouraged to visit the AMO ARTE website as well as its social media pages. As a result of its excellent, innovative, and sustainable products, A.M.O Intergroup Co., Ltd. has been awarded Leading Experts in Home Decoration, Thailand, in the South East Asia Business Awards 2023. We congratulate Amonthep Kachanonda and his team on this achievement and look forward to seeing what they go on to accomplish in the coming years. Contact: A.M.O.intergroup Co., Ltd. Company:Amonthep Kachanonda Web Address: Leading Experts in Home Decoration 2023 - Thailand