South East Asia Business Awards 2023

12 | South East Asia Awards 2023 Jan22686 Best Industrial Construction Contractor 2023 - Johor Following the rise of material costs and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the industrial sector has been set on the long road to recovery. However, Nuripac Sdn Bhd (NSB) is at the forefront of adapting its practises in order to deliver on its promise of high quality, all whilst promoting affordability and streamlined services. Join us as we delve into how NSB has set the standard within the construction industry throughout Johor. Functioning as both a main contractor and sub-contractor within design and build factories, NSB covers forms of earthworks, civil and structural works, plant machinery, and equipment installation. It has a deep wealth of expertise within the construction sector, and this is perfectly captured through its operations within Pasir Gudang’s heavy industrial estate. When discussing its main areas of practise, NSB expressed to us that it has, “… specialized experiences in construction of warehouse, beader plant, erection of edible oil refineries, including plant equipment installation, erection of oil storage tanks, piping works, roofing, tank coating, and heat insulation”. Through utilising a plethora of skillsets within its team, NSB is able to effectively deliver services that transcend client expectations, whilst operating within strict budgets and time frames. However, what makes NSB truly admirable is the strong emphasis that it places on adhering to its core values throughout each and every project. It holds itself to incredibly strict standards, and it’s this dedication towards excellence that allows NSB to thrive in ways that other construction consultors throughout the region simply can’t match. As expected within the field, safety is paramount, but NSB takes this to the next level. It commits itself towards completing accident-free projects, and carries out every necessary procedure to guarantee the safety of workers, clients, and the public alike. Safety is its top priority, and its track record of health and wellbeing consideration makes it a no-brainer for any construction development need. There isn’t a single step it won’t take to guarantee that its sites are secure, safe, and free from risk, and it holds a deep passion for safeguarding the people that it operates alongside. This directly corresponds with its devotion to an unwavering sense of professionalism. The construction industry is such a complex behemoth, and yet NSB has learned how to navigate it using only the most talented individuals available. Its team is strictly comprised of seasoned professionals, giving it a unique edge within the sector. Through employing the best of the best, NSB is able to deliver cost-effective solutions and extensive expertise practically effortlessly, which has led to the success of each and every one of its finished and continuing projects. As a result of NSB’s overwhelming professionalism, it comes as no surprise to learn that it holds quality control in incredibly high regard. Its goal is to deliver the best outcomes for its clients, whilst continually improving throughout its ventures. By combining teamwork, pride, and qualitycontrolled systems, it’s able to hire and educate the best fits for its team, and this all culminates in consistent customer satisfaction. It’s very aware of its reputation, and dependably May23094 outperforms itself in order to guarantee future success. At the heart of driving NSB’s brilliance, however, is its managing director, Mr. Gary Lai You Ngen. When founding the company in 2005, Mr. Gary Lai based the entire internal structure on the values of teamwork, integrity, and commitment. He holds an immensely strong understanding of the sector, and has managed to apply his 28 years of experience in order to build the company up to the award-winning status it now holds today. His devotion to NSB’s reputation has given it the means to succeed, and it’s clear to see through its vast array of satisfied clients. Of course, as seen in every industry around the globe, rising costs have created a large hurdle that the majority of companies are struggling to overcome. However, whilst it initially had an impact on NSB, thanks to its positioning in South East Asia, it’s managed to adapt to the recent growth in infrastructure development that’s being seen throughout the region. This, partnered with its hard-earned ability to provide money-saving solutions and high-quality results to its clients, has served to uplift NSB in incredible ways. Through operating alongside reliable sub-contractors and suppliers, and establishing lasting relationships that have