South East Asia Business Awards 2023

South East Asia Awards 2023 | 11 noticed a shortage of people who are looking to work in the tourism sector. When travel restrictions plagued the world, many tourism professionals migrated to other industries, seeking stability. Now, there are more visitors looking to visit Thailand and explore the world, but less people working to support the increased influx of visitors. Therefore, the work is more demanding, and productivity is essential. Travelvago supports its employees as they adjust to these changes. The hard work of Travelvago’s team is reflected in the glowing reviews it has received on TripAdvisor. Thanks to its knowledgeable tour guides and the wonderful experiences it delivers, the company has garnered an impressive 4.5-star rating on the site. People frequently praise the professional, informative way in which guides lead the experiences, enabling customers to enjoy their destinations peacefully whilst learning about the area’s rich history. Reviews demonstrate that many of the company’s customers would willingly recommend Travelvago’s services to their friends and acquaintances. As a result of the exceptional standard of service it provides, Travelvago has been awarded Inbound Tour Operator of the Year, Thailand, in the South East Asia Business Awards 2023. In the coming months, Travelvago plans to distribute Thailand destination activities, experiences, park tickets, and related travel services through an API partnership with a leading global online travel platform. The company also aims to switch to a fully automated travel website, providing the convenience of instant bookings for travel activities. Additionally, it plans to focus on the development of sustainable tourism products. Beyond this, in the long term, Travelvago plans to become a total travel service distributor, providing flights, hotels, tours, activities, experiences, travel insurance, medical tourism, and more in a single hub that can be used by both businesses and consumers. We congratulate Travelvago and its team on their success in the South East Asia Business Awards and look forward to seeing how the company’s many plans unfold. Company : Travelvago Co.,Ltd Contact : Sooria Prakash Sunder Web: Managing Director/ Founder - Sooria Prakash Sunder Co-founder / Director- Thirucelvan Balakrishnan