South East Asia Business Awards 2023

South East Asia Awards 2023 | 13 remained steadfast despite industry struggles, NSB is positioned to consistently guarantee competitive prices that set it apart from its competition. It has selected only the best sub-contractors based on qualifications, pricing, and performance history, all to ensure that clients are receiving the best services for their projects, without having to overspend in order to procure immense quality. In addition to this careful selection of collaborators, NSB has also amassed a wide range of able and skilled individuals, each equipped with the tools to apply themselves in ways that’re simply astounding. NSB, as a collective, has some of the most capable people backing it, and with a variety of skillsets on-hand to fill any client’s requirements, it’s managed to deliver phenomenal service again and again. NSB has garnered immense amounts of success since its inception, and taking a peek into its internal structure makes it clear to see why. NSB is a unique construction contractor that has its clients’ vision in mind at all times. There isn’t a single project that it hasn’t completed to the highest degree of quality, and this overwhelming devotion to its craft is what makes it such an outstanding force to be reckoned with within the sector. Its prowess is undeniable, and, thanks to its experienced team and managing director, it’s redefined what it means to operate within the industrial sphere. And, with big plans for the remainder of 2023, NSB is certainly a contractor to look out for. Contact: Gary Lai You Ngen Company: Nuripac Sdn Bhd Web Address: welcome.nuripac.comen/home