South East Asia Business Awards 2022

28 APAC / South East Asia Business Awards 2022 , Sustainability lies at the heart of Perbena Emas Sdn Bhd, aMalaysian construction company. The business, whichwas established over 40 years ago, has built a vast portfolio featuring projects in both the private and public sector. As a result, in 2022, the company hopes to hone its focus in on the development of bridge and road infrastructure. Established on the 7th of November 1977, Perbena Emas Sdn Bhd comes from humble beginnings as a small construction company, specialising in civil and general construction. As of this year, the company maintains a team of over 200, and works with a highly diverse clientele ranging from private clients to government entities. Perbena Emas Sdn Bhd has, therefore, had the opportunity to work on projects involving the construction of bridges, hotels, hospitals, and much more. Four values form the basis of the company’s operations – Perbena Emas Sdn Bhd pushes for professionalism and passion, ethics and trust, safety and sustainability, and community. This ethos infuses both the company’s high standard of customer service and the way it has constructed its internal culture. Indeed, Perbena Emas Sdn Bhd strives to maintain a premium level of professionalism when working with clients, which has led it to be selective when choosing partners. Moreover, it is in the process of shaping its work culture around sustainability, ethics, and bringing out the best of each other. When bringing new team members on board, it undergoes a stringent process to ensure that the recruit is the correct fit for the company. This is an element that the company takes great pride in. Furthermore, Perbena Emas Sdn Bhd creates numerous teambuilding events, such as monthly sundown sessions, in which the team gathers for drinks and a chat. It also pushes CSR events which, during lockdown, involved the creation of a food pantry. Sustainability plays a key role within these gatherings – it participates in Earth Day each year, and in 2021 it conducted a beach clean-up. This reflects the worldwide transition towards sustainable practices. In order to be as green as possible, Perbena Emas Sdn Bhd turns towards innovation in order to find new ways to support the environment. Such ideas have manifested in the changing over from motor oil to Euro 5 Diesel, which cleans and protects critical diesel engine parts, ultimately prolonging engine life. Perbena Emas Sdn Bhd has invested in Cold In-Situ Pavement recycling technology, which uses recycled products to repave roads, providing greater stability for road infrastructure in the long-term. Perbena Emas Sdn Bhd sets itself apart from its competition through this devotion to sustainability. Further contributors are its excellent reputation, its professionalism, and its exceptional results. In essence, over the past 40 years, the company has exceeded its clients’ expectations, and has become known for delivering on its promises. Yet despite being around for four decades, the company is far from being an old-fashioned company – instead, Perbena Emas Sdn Bhd is known in the market as a progressive business. As a result, the company attracts some of the industries best partners and staff, setting it up for a successful future. Going forward, Perbena Emas Sdn Bhd hopes to become the biggest construction firm in Sarawak, turning into the go-to company for all those seeking roles in the construction industry. For the short-term, the company is working on becoming specialists within road and bridge infrastructure. Perbena Emas Sdn Bhd has succeeded in the tender for the longest river bridge in Malaysia and has also acquired a project for the Unimas Teaching Hospital in Kota Samarahan, Kuching. These projects are set to be completed within the next four years. Contact: Lisa Ling Company: Perbena Emas Sdn Bhd Web Address: Best Sustainable Construction Business - Malaysia