South East Asia Business Awards 2022

APAC / South East Asia Business Awards 2022 29 , The need to embrace digitalisation is matched only by the need to empower people to embrace it. Withmany businesses seeing gaps formbetween the technologies they use and the people they employ, the teamat Novutal Consulting Sdn Bhd have made it their mission to build bridges. Recognised in the South East Asia Business Awards 2022 fromAPAC Insider, we thought it the right time to dig a little deeper into this leading consultancy and find out more. Technology and innovation come easily to the team at Novutal Consulting. Their entire ethos and enthusiasm comes from exploring the ways in which bold new ideas and exciting concepts can improve the operation and efficiency of companies from a host of various backgrounds. Focusing on the needs of businesses primarily in Malaysia, but having experience with those in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Laos, the team at Novutal Consulting have achieved truly remarkable things. Defining success as achieving exceptional results that have a lasting impact on businesses and industries, the team have been proud to help their clients solve the unique problems that arise in their business with seamless end-toend services. When a company turns to the team at Novutal Consulting, they’re turning to a team that relishes the challenge of business transformation. The biggest shift over the last few years has come from the unstoppable advance of the digital age. What sets the team at Novutal Consulting apart is that they combine a passion for the latest and greatest with an awareness of practical matters. For them, the primary objective is to keep their feet firmly on the ground, addressing some of the more challenging aspects facing businesses, namely harmonising the discord between technology, Best Emerging Management Consultancy 2022 people and process. The difficulties in making this possible become clear when the rapidly shifting nature of the landscape, technology and geo-politics to name but a few factors. The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed many developments forward, especially in terms of automation within the process model and the model’s execution. The pandemic also halted many of the team’s works at the very beginning, with uncertainty about what activities would be safe and what would be able to continue. Understandably, the team at Novutal Consulting had to change to this brave new world, leveraging automation to make the most of the resources they had to hand. To ensure the longevity of the business, the team at Novutal Consulting have adopted an attitude of constant education. The organisation has championed a flat team structure where movement is fluid and vibrant personalities can flourish. Instead of having a traditional management structure, mentorship drives the continuous improvement and growth of the team. As such, it’s little wonder that the team is already preparing new ideas for further expansion of the company. Automation has been a key talking point for many, but many SMEs are still struggling to identify opportunities needed. The Novutal Consulting team have produced a mechanism specifically for this sector of the market to help them on this journey. The team are also planning to introduce new business models, namely consulting-as-a-service and our resource automation apps (Tecari Pro Fusion). These business models too will assist the flourishing SME market. Consulting firms play a crucial role for many businesses, giving them the much-needed guidance to push forward into bold new territory. For the team a Novutal Consulting, their primary aim is to help businesses to embrace the potential of digitalisation and to have the confidence to use it effectively. Their triumph in the South East Asia Business Awards 2022 reflects the success they have found with their customers. We cannot wait to see what bold new direction they take in the months and years still to come. Company: Novutal Consulting Sdn Bhd Name: Fadhli Abdul Malek Email: [email protected] Web Address: Apr22322