South East Asia Business Awards 2022

APAC / South East Asia Business Awards 2022 27 , Good news reporting is at the heart of every society, andMetro News Central is the information gateway to one of the largest metropolis in the world –MegaManila. The team’s impressive reporting has earned the team recognition in APAC Insider’s South East Asia Business Awards 2022. We look a little more deeply at this impressive organisation to uncover the story behind the people whomake the news happen. Living in a big city brings big challenges, with a diverse range of issues that are uniquely connected with local matters combined with an awareness of the wider community both throughout the nation and beyond. Drawing together critical information in one place and presenting it in a way that is both factual and fair is vital to the people of Metro Manila. Often, conventional and regular media outlets only carry the usual crime stories or issues-oriented news. They fail to engage with the unique issues of living in a specific region. The challenge facing the team at Metro News Central is to fill a vacuum in news reporting, one which confronts local government leaders and empowers their constituencies. With Mega Manila comprising sixteen highly urbanized cities and one municipality with an estimated combined population of almost 13 million, there’s a great deal to say that affects these people’s lives. The focus on news which is relevant and region-specific goes against a lo of conventional media outlets. They have focused on new stories that “sell”. For the team at Metro News Central, raising public awareness of issues such as high-impact socio-economic programs of cities within the Metropolis has always been a priority. In a society that is Best National News Media Platform 2022 increasingly difficult to live within, this amazing team have been able to support their readers to thrive. The existence of this particular outlet is just a small way of allowing the journalistic profession to contribute in the harnessing the culture of cooperation, unity and discipline among Mega Manila’s stakeholders. Their aim is not to sensationalise or to sell more than their competitors. The aim is to foster and encourage considerably more engagement from local people. This engagement will have a massive impact on how people live and work. It’s clear that Metro News Central stands apart from the crowd, with a commitment to social issues in the large, but local region of Mega Manila. We celebrate the way in which this new establishment has raised standards for journalism and striven to make a real impact on how people live. Their success in the South East Asia Business Awards 2022 is well earned and a credit to their success. Company: Metro News Central Name: Roger Garcia Email: [email protected] Web Address: Apr22313