South East Asia Awards 2021

APAC / South East Asia Business Awards 2021 9 , May21306 Best Luxury Construction Company - Surat Thani Province A company that has made itself a standout voice in the construction industry of Asia, Koh Samui Construction has built up an exemplary portfolio that allows it to stand head and shoulders above the competition. Over the past 12 years since its founding, its work has included various high-end villas, Tembo beach resorts, night clubs, restaurants, and refurbishment jobs that are each vastly different from each other. Thus, Koh Samui has accrued an enviable roster of capabilities that make it proficient in all manner of building works, able to work to the criteria of any client, no matter how strict or how specific. It has been known to go from underpinning leaking swimming pools one week to building entire villas from scratch, and its diverse client list appreciate that it can be their one stop shop; they also laud its dedication to assisting its clients through every stage of the process from start to finish. In this manner, it helps them to secure ideal land, works to turn dreams into reality, and helps them through the legal minutia, before handing over the keys to the client’s brand-new property. Foremost, it prides itself on working with its clients – not just for them – listening to their input throughout the design process, offering them expert guidance so that between Koh Samui and the client, the building will be well-suited to island life. This is informed by Koh Samui Construction’s outstanding experience in working on the Thai island it is named for, with a commitment to using recycled and sustainable products as an integral part of its builds, allowing the client to make green living a seamless part of their everyday life just by the way their living space has been created. Therefore, it is this philosophy of exemplary client service and its dedication to the craft that has allowed Koh Samui to overcome any challenge that comes its way. Koh Samui will always go above and beyond the call of duty in order to satisfy a client’s needs, doing everything from submitting 3D renderings to showing the client exactly what it is that they will be getting; the founder himself – Jake Robinson – also personally keeps an eye on things every step of the way during a build to reassure a client that everything is going according to plan. This accountable and highly client focused approach has earned it much renown amongst its market segment. In terms of what challenges it has faced, it mainly found supplying for demand the largest hurdle; being on a small island, some materials need to be imported in. Whilst sourcing this is sometimes more difficult, Koh Samui has not let it get in the way of its growth, and even throughout the pandemic it was building major constructions for clients seeking the personal touch that Koh Samui gives its creations. Aesthetically stunning, fit-to- purpose, and to specification, Koh Samui gives its clients peace of mind throughout the process, and its team are the crucial part of what lets it deliver that. In addition, by keeping an eye on current design paradigms, adapting to the recent trend of moving from darker to lighter materials, Koh Samui also promises that a client’s build will be one that is up to date. This is something that it has made a pivotal part of its business model, allowing it to pivot from offering more traditional designs to more open-plan looks, with the addition of an infinity edge swimming pool, and something that excites the founder as he plans to build another home for himself and his girlfriend on the island. With decades of experience behind him including the presenting of building shows on the BBC for over 10 years – and having worked on a worldwide scale – Jake and Koh Samui Construction can rise to the task of any build; and are excited to bring many more client’s visions to life as it moves towards the rest of 2021. Company: Koh Samui Construction Contact: Jake Robinson Website: Koh Samui Construction is a bespoke construction company designing and creating beautiful holiday villas for its clients. Having become known as the ‘builder to the stars’, it has garnered a long roster of prestigious clientele, developing this over years of outstanding service in making their visions a reality.