South East Asia Awards 2021

8 APAC / South East Asia Business Awards 2021 , Best Coworking Spaces Provider - Malaysia May21291 Common Ground is a shared, community-centric workspace provider, supporting its clients in pivoting to the modernworkplace. From fully remote and app-empowered spaces to safe, beautifully designed, adaptable in-person venues, this company’s business model is underpinned by stunning interior design and friendly customer service that increases and betters communication between professionals of all kinds. In a working environment more divided than ever before, the concept of flexible remote and in-person shared working spaces, creating space for community, has made itself more important than ever. Thus, Common Ground was founded to step up and provide for this demand. Started by Erman Akinci and Juhn Teo, it takes pride in being Malaysia’s largest co-working space, and – being much more than just a premium professional environment – has been helping bosses adapt to building a good, pandemic-safe workplace for their employees, one that balances safety and productivity. It provides its clients with a synergistic coworking community as well as simply a place to be during work hours, something that over time has resulted in a vibrant ecosystem of diverse and exemplary personalities that unite people across industries, professions, and business scales. Fundamentally, the coworking space creates a melting pot of business, technology, social communication, and lifestyle, causing constant integration and elevation within it. Each person benefits from the knowledge and experience of those around them – and furthermore, through the app, each person can get a view of what’s going on at the community space day by day. This includes connecting members with the latest partnership benefits, information about daily events, directly contacting other members, and the booking of everything from meeting rooms and flights to hotels and airport transport. It can even manage HR, finance, and more through its Common Hub feature, with a newsfeed that shows business opportunities in the forum and a social feed, nurturing a shared ecosystem of mutual support and respect. Moreover, Common Ground now has over 3000 members across a multitude of venues. 13 of these are in Malaysia, 5 in the Philippines, and 2 in Thailand, all of which boasting their own signature components such as a café, event space, meeting rooms, lounges, call booths, and three formats of workspace from hot desk to fixed desk and private offices. Common Ground have also since expanded to add the provision of virtual office spaces and enterprise solutions; the former of which is for small companies with a remote workspace that they want to connect to others, including mail handling and access to the Common Ground app events and partnerships. The latter solution gives large 50+ person teams a custom build space to call their own, including modern satellite offices, swing spaces, and main HQs. Additionally, due to lockdown, Common Ground added a Corporate Flex Solution that allows members an on demand, pay as you go workplace that gives them access to all the added benefits of its services. This solution is perfect for companies for whom the pandemic has been a challenge, such as some of their employees doing well working from home, and some not – effectively, balancing office strategy with people strategy – allowing for enhanced flexibility without long term commitment. Currently, it is the biggest network of digital hubs in Malaysia certified by MDEC. In the Klang valley in particular, it is guaranteed there will be one roughly 20 minutes commute from any given client, and its culture of shared knowledge allows its diverse community to benefit from the professional connections they make no matter where they’re based. When it comes to navigating the corporate world of any industry, the key to success is communication; Common Ground seeks to be the tool that allows this, and with its full suite of services empowered by the excellence of its own internal team, it is made by and for people who are open minded and enthusiastic. Lastly, as it moves towards the rest of 2021, Common Ground plans to continue stepping up to the plate to fulfil the increased need for flexible, non-traditional workspaces, planning to launch new venues in Bandar and Johor very soon. Company: Common Ground Works Sdn Bhd Contact: Matthew Tegjeu Website: